Casey Mathes

By July 25, 2015

Focus: Functional Fitness, Sports Performance, Youth Fitness
Hobbies: Volleyball, Basketball, Music

Casey’s love for volleyball at such a young age was her first step into the health and fitness world. When she could no longer play competitively, she decided to try coaching, which was where she learnt that she really loved being able to teach and share her passion for the game to the next generation of players. Having won multiple State Championships as both a player and a coach, Casey realised the immense satisfaction she felt in helping other people reach their full potential. It was easy to see the benefits that strength and conditioning have on the players not only on the court, but also in every aspect of their lives: Improved sleep, better grades in school, healthier lifestyles, happier kids. This is what drove her towards a career in this industry. Now as a personal trainer, Casey enjoys teaching clients new movements and lifts, taking great pride in them when they master a technique, and encourages their progression towards a healthier and fitter version of themselves. By using HER experience as a Neuroleadership Coach, Casey is able to help all clients change their habits and behaviours that were causing roadblocks in their fitness journey, and set them on the path towards success. Empowering people to achieve their goals is why Casey loves doing what she does.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, with a concentration of Physiotherapy. -MIVCA Coaching Certification.
  • Neuroleadership Institute Brain-based Certified Coach.
  • CPR and AED certified