Claudie Tan

By August 31, 2016
Claudie Tan


Claudie’s interest in the health and fitness industry derives her her background in various dance styles. She continued her journey into basic body building and now focuses on the benefits of weightlifting and nutrition.

With the firm belief that people of all backgrounds shouldn’t shy away from the stigma of lifting weights. Instead they should embrace the benefits of feeling both physically and mentally stronger in all aspects of life. She aims to empower women on their journey through lifting.

Her style of training is powerlifting, olympic lifting and metabolic lifting.

In her free time she enjoys spending time learning more about the health and fitness industry to further educate herself and her clients.

Alongside coaching, Claudie also gives nutritional advice to her clients every session, to guide them more holistically.

According to Claudie:

“Life is about knowing how to create a good balance. Live well, train well and eat well.”

Training Specialties

  • Lower Body Powerlifting (Squats, Deadlifts)
  • Strength Training
  • Bodybuilding Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning