Lorne Peart

By July 25, 2015

Focus: Movement, Functional Fitness
Hobbies: Reading, Handstands

Lorne has been a personal trainer for several years now. Lorne is one who will always try things out for himself before pushing them onto his clients.
Lorne aspires to “do whatever he wants anytime”, thus he feels the need to be strong, mobile, and open to new ideas. His dogma is “movement” and with that he takes all the best bits from all areas of movement, be it gymnastics or dance. Having learnt through Ido Portal, Lorne trained to move as elegantly and efficiently as he can, mostly through bodyweight. Lorne enjoys teaching his clients how movement can help them become stronger and better human beings.


  • Premier UK: Personal Trainer
  • ASCA: Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 1