Lorne Peart

By July 25, 2015


➢ Premier UK: Personal Trainer
➢ ASCA: Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 1


I have been a personal trainer for several years now, and as someone who would never rest upon what others say, I have always tried things out for myself before pushing them on others.

I use my own body to test new training methods, theories and diets before I demand these from others. I want for myself the ability to do whatever I want, at any given moment, thus I need to be strong, mobile and open to new ideas. This is what I teach to others and aim to achieve. My dogma is movement and with that I take all the best bits from all areas of movement, may it be gymnastics or dance.

Specialised training area

My teacher is Ido Portal and I employ his method when training myself as well as clients; it is not for the faint-hearted but it yearns results.

➢ When I train, I want to move as eloquently and efficiently as I can.
➢ The vast majority of my work involves purely bodyweight.

Why would I need to push weights about when I am still trying to learn manipulate my own body?

➢ I love doing whatever movement helps me to be a stronger and better homosapien.