Alex and his team of trainers have gotten me into the best shape of my life at the age of 44. Their workouts are a great combination of strength and conditioning. Being very experienced, they can gauge how much weight I can lift without hurting myself, and they always have their eyes on my form to prevent injuries. Where Alex stands out from most in the business is the emphasis he puts on having the right diet. Once you get on his workout program and listen to his nutrition advice, you will quickly become stronger, more toned, and leaner.

Tom Barket

I have been working with different personal trainers for about 10 years. Alex is by far the best of any I have worked with to date. His approach is very professional and comprehensive. He takes time to understand the specific needs and challenges of his clients from a fitness and nutritional perspective and designs individual programs around them. I would *strongly* recommend Alex to anyone who is serious about fitness and wants to see results. He is the best of the best.

Katy Connor

Alex is one of the top body transformation and performance coaches in Singapore. He and his team are highly knowledgeable, very friendly, and offer a scientific based approach so you’re always training smart as well as hard. Whether you’re looking to gain an advantage in your favourite weekend sport, or are just sick of training/dieting hard and not getting the results you want, training with Level will definitely give you the advantage you are looking for. What have you got to lose….other than that inch of fat around your waist!

Rob Howland

Alex has been directing my path to recovery after major knee reconstructive surgery. He is respectful of the concurrent physiotherapy programme but is pushing me safely and appropriately through my comfort levels to a faster and more complete recovery. He has demonstrated enormous understanding of my body mechanics and my general mobility and fitness have improved enormously under his guidance. He is thoughtful and expert in his field. I have complete confidence in his programme and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

David Martin

Jia has a vast reservoir of energy, organizational abilities, and experience to draw upon to help her clients improve their physical fitness objectives. Sessions are never routine or boring yet always effective.

Jia has also proven to be very effective in helping me rehabilitate a seriously damaged and deteriorated left rotator cuff injury from my Ice hockey days. An MRI indicated I had a torn and frayed Labrum as well as at least 2 other minor tears in the joint that had really started to become a problem for me. By incorporating her knowledge of sports physiotherapy techniques into our sessions, Jia has so far literally saved me from the operating table.  There are days when I’m having problems with it, and she is working harder than I am in putting me back together.

Robert Simmons

Starting personal training sessions with Casey was one of the best decisions I have made. I have improved my strength, coordination, fitness and self esteem through her fun, dynamic and challenging sessions.


Phil is a highly motivated and effective personal trainer. With deep knowledge about fitness and nutrition he is able to help you reach goals which may seem out of reach. The intensity and routines change constantly so you improve all the time and you have no chance to get bored.The goals are monitored regularly enabling you to change your focus if needed. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is looking to Lose weight, tone up, build up, or increase cardio vascular capacity.

Tina Dortmans

I started training with Alex six months ago as part of my recovery from a serious motorcycle accident. Alex developed a fitness program that was tailored to my specific needs and worked diligently with me to help achieve my personal recovery goals. The results have been phenomenal. We built up my core, upper and lower body strength and have regained nearly all of the functionality I lost in the accident. Thanks to Alex I feel stronger and in better condition now than I have ever felt in my life. I highly recommend him.

Duane Harkness