What We Do

consult. design. build.

We are here to help you change your life. Get in great shape, bust your stress, feel energized, get lean and just plain feel good. We believe in guiding and mentoring our clients through their journey in fitness. Get with the program with the best coaches in the industry.



Every day 4 times a day

  • Yoga is one of the cornerstones of wellness here at Level. Stress causes major disease and one of the easiest ways to offset that is Yoga and Meditation.
  • All levels are welcome in our small size classes as our experienced teachers can cater to you. Classes vary from deep stretching slow movements, to stimulating flow for cardiovascular toning.
  • Private sessions available for therapy and meditation.

Partner Training

Like to train with a friend?

Our partner training session is
for you!


Looking to drop the pounds, build muscle,
have fun, or get some fresh air?

LEVEL studio classes are for you.
Whether you are a newbie or want to beast it out.

Be challenged. Level up.

Midday Madness

Level Gym,
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12:30pm
Maximum 8 pax

Don’t have time to train? Think again…

  • In only 30mins hit your whole body with functional movements using your bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell exercises to lose fat and gain muscle.
  • This maximum calorie burn will boost your metabolism and kickstart your way to a leaner, stronger YOU!

Prepare to dig deep!

Weekend Warrior

Indoor Bootcamp, Level Gym, Saturday, 9:00am

  • Start the weekend strong! Weekend Warrior is ONNN! Expect to lift, push, sprint and sweat. We teach you to use your own body weight effectively, lift weights properly, in a safe manner and raise your heart rate. Getting strong and lean is the way to go.
  • Mix it up each week with a variety of training methods and keep your body guessing.

Caution: Warrior training will get you results. Only join if you want to work hard.