Level was established in 2014 as a world class personal-training studio. We provide our clients with top notch functional fitness training and education. through five key pillars: Strength and Conditioning, Women’s Health, Rehabilitation, Active Ageing and Mobility.

Level currently has one branch in Singapore on Telok Ayer Street and one branch in Jakarta Indonesia.
We also manage U by CJ, a boutique gym in South Jakarta.



The fitness scene in Singapore has gone through many fads and trends over the better part of the last decade.

We’ve ridden different waves and seen many people through their journeys in the years that we’ve been in operation, and if there’s one thing we believe in, it’s this:


There are no shortcuts; the journey is long.


We’ve built our team to understand this ethos, because when it comes to fitness across generations, there will be a point where the idea of “transformation” stops and “sustainability” begins.

If you own fish, you’ll know that the best way to introduce a fish into your ecosystem is by floating the bag on top of the water before releasing it slowly, allowing the new fish to acclimatize to the changes in temperature and environment at a pace it’s comfortable with.


You don’t need more shocks.


True, you’ll hear about how a new diet or new fitness regime “shocks” the body into adapting, but let’s face the realities: you probably have a job, maybe kids, and a social life that you’re trying to hold together. One more shock, make that two or three times a week, depending on how often you go to the gym, and you won’t be able to keep it up without something else giving way.

Our team understands that not everyone is trying to become an athlete (even though we have coaches who help athletic individuals perform at a higher level), and what most people are looking for is a safe space where they can feel empowered physically in order to live a bigger and better life outside the gym.


This is where we shine.


Our coaches comprise of specialists across a wide range of disciplines including Olympic Weightlifting, Hand Balancing, Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning and Obstacle Course Racing. In addition, we’re connected with a network of nutritionists as well as in-house physiotherapists and osteopaths to ensure that you receive a holistic fitness experience. All our branches provide lockers, towels and shower facilities so you can travel seamlessly to wherever you need to be next.

Most of our clients come to us wanting things common to most others when they go to the gym: losing weight, toning their bums and having a six pack, but quickly realise that those things pale in comparison to a life better lived. That’s what we try to teach to whoever walks through our doors: the road is long, but…


Trust us.


We’ll take you through the valleys and past the peaks; you are more than just your body.

That’s what we strive to be: a Level where you can take yourself to the next one.

“Whatever you’re here to create, let’s take it to the next Level.“

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