Coach Spotlight: Alice Park

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Trainers

Haaaave you met Alice?We got a big influx of new friends recently, so we’ll be introducing them to you one by one over the coming months! Some of them have been here for quite a while and you’ve probably seen them around or even trained with them in class. They’ve all brought a fresh new feel to what we do at Level, and we’re very thankful for them.

This month we introduce Alice, our latest addition to our pre/post natal team.

Hello, and welcome to Level! Tell us about yourself.

Hello I’m Alice, 27 years young from the United Kingdom.

Believe it or not, I began my career as a Patisserie Chef but it soon came apparent that this wasn’t the right direction for me. I took the leap into the fitness world 4 years ago, a passion that has grown and grown, and has landed me my dream job being an advocate for Women’s health, and helping my clients to get stronger every day.

My family likes to call me a bit of a ‘Nomad’ as even though I am from the UK, I have spent a few years living in New Zealand, Australia and now settling into Singapore. Travel and exploring new places is a huge part of my life and I like to seize every opportunity life throws at me!

How have your years in the fitness industry led you to believe in what you do about fitness today?

I began my own fitness journey by using exercise as a coping mechanism for every-day stresses, anxiety and it was a lifeline as I grieved the loss of a close friend. However, It soon became apparent it wasn’t just a hobby, it was something I loved and wanted to share the the benefits of exercise with others and how the mental benefits can have such a positive affect on our lives. Over the years I have been lucky to learn from some great coaches who have been my main driving force behind my coaching development. However, my own personal fitness journey is what led me to delve deeper into my current passions: Women’s Health and Nutrition.

When I was in my early 20s, I was set in the mindset that thinner equalled healthier, exercise was is solely used for a ‘calorie burn’ and carbs are the DEVIL — as you can imagine this was a sad time and my mental health and physical health were starting to be affected. I was at my leanest and was complimented on how “good” I looked, so why didn’t I feel it? I knew something had to change which became the catalyst of my journey into the fitness industry by learning more about Nutrition; gut health, the importance of fuelling our bodies, strength training as a woman and the impact of restrictive diets has on our bodies & mental health.

My years in the fitness industry have been a journey, I have definitely changed my coaching strategy since my early days as a coach, going from a ‘cardio HIIT bunny’ to an advocate of strength training — and my learning hasn’t stopped! I aim to help inspire and educate as many women as possible that exercise and food is not a form of punishment, and that we need to work with their bodies and not against them.Haaaave you met Alice?

What do you like to do outside the gym?

I recently just moved to Singapore so currently when I’m not coaching at Level, I am exploring the local areas, testing out local coffee shops with new friends or my partner. I love to be outside so my typical day off would consist of a morning run, coffee, breakfast and relaxing by the pool with a good book – probably followed by more food, haha. I used to be part of a Crossfit box back in the UK so I sometimes drop into a box from time to time if I’m not off exploring nearby countries.

How would you like to chart your journey in the next 3-5 years? What are things you are aiming to do and are striving toward?

As a coach I am always looking for ways to develop my skills — I believe you should never become complacent, there are always things you can develop and improve in. My main aim over the next couple of years is to help as many women as possible become more confident in the gym, and more educated about their own bodies.

There is so much information out there due to the increasing use of social media — some of it good and some of it very misleading — which can be a minefield to know what to believe. I hope to bring some ease to this confusion and help educate more women especially on the importance of strength training and fuelling our bodies appropriately, and how this can have such a positive impact over our lifespan.

What do you think are two biggest ways in the way people are miseducated about fitness?

I think many people unfortunately still look at fitness as a “young person’s” activity or used solely for aesthetic purposes. I believe mindsets are SLOWLY changing but we still have a long way to go; the way in which people think about exercise and nutrition needs to change. We all have ONE body our entire lives and we need to start taking better care of it — I don’t mean just physically — what we do outside of our training sessions also plays a role; our daily movement, our mindset around food, our enjoyment and the way in which we talk about ourselves is also important.

I think the the increase in social media has a negative role in this, but we can hopefully start to use this to our advantage to educate others that there are no (age, gender, aesthetic) limits to exercise : the magic of movement doesn’t discriminate, it’s for everyone.Haaaave you met Alice?

What are three things people don’t know about you?

1) I am the youngest of 3! I have two older sisters: Laura & Rebecca. One of them lives in Dubai and the other one lives in London. We may be far apart but we are still pretty close and try to FaceTime regularly and meet up 1-2 times a year. (.. and yes they are still protective even though I am half way across the world, haha)

2) I never thought I would be a coach. I enjoyed sport at school but I actually wasn’t very good at it. I was also super shy and hated anything where I had to talk to a large group of people, but somehow along the way I found my voice.

3) I am a bit of a risk taker – I don’t want any opportunities to pass me by so I tend to dive in head first (which has its pro and cons).

Come for Skill with Alice– she teaches Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays at Robinson Road and Telok Ayer. Alice also heads our new Women’s Health Group that meets once a month. Send us an email at admin@level.com.sg to find out more and get involved!

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