Arjun Raghavan: “I train so I can win my squash games”

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Male, Sports Performance

Arjun Raghavan



Name: Arjun Raghavan
Occupation: Partner at Investment Firm
Age: 44
Height: 183cm 
Weight: 80kg
Personal Trainer: Jeff Chuang
Time with Level: Since January 2019


As a partner at a global investment firm, Arjun spends most of his time sitting at a desk. Outside the office though, he loves a good game of squash. It was with the goal of improving his dexterity on the court and preventing injury that he started working with his personal trainer Jeff Chuang


Arjun Raghavan - Strengthening Core and Rotation


“Arjun was very quad-centric in his movement, so the focus of the training was to get Arjun to activate his glutes and hamstrings,” noted Jeff. On top of that, Jeff also customised his training programme to help build core rotation strength, which would be helpful in his weekly squash games. 


Arjun Raghavan - Activate Core Rotation Strength and Glutes and Hamstrings


Arjun’s programme consisted of exercises like glute bridges and barbell hip thrusts, as well as lunges, reverse lunges and side lunges that worked on unilateral movements, which are common in squash.


“I have focused on strengthening my posterior chain while also working on my agility and flexibility – both important in one’s 40s.”


Arjun Raghavan


Jeff also included exercises that would improve his pulling strength, such as assisted and eccentric pull-ups. In the beginning, Arjun could barely complete a a pull-up or static lunge without wobbling. He can now do multiple pull-ups and barbell step-ups with 40kg weights with good form.

In short, he’s gotten much stronger – both in the gym and on the squash court.


“As a result of training at Level, I know how to warm up properly before a game. I now give it all when I am playing as I am a lot more confident about my strength and agility.”


Arjun Raghavan - I train so I can play squah


When asked about his experience training at Level, Arjun said, “The approach is very tailored with attention to detail that is different to what you get in a typical gym. My primary focus is to ensure that I am strong enough to be able to enjoy squash and stay injury free. Level, with their tailored approach, has helped me hugely in this regard.”


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