Audrey Tan: “I train so I can have my cake and eat it”

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Female, Personal Training for Strength

Audrey Tan


Name: Audrey Tan
Occupation: Head of Health and Benefits
Age: 45
Height: 1.73cm
Weight: 62kg
Trainer: Small Group Personal Training with John Cheah

Before Level, Audrey spent most of her time jogging and doing HIIT exercises. In 2019, a well-being and fitness genetics test suggested that Audrey could benefit from incorporating more strength training into her exercise programme – that’s when she started attending Level’s lunchtime Skill classes with John Cheah.

Two months later, she started small group personal training with John.

Audrey Tan

“I want to get stronger. But, when I started seeing improvements in my body – toned arms, more muscle definition, a leaner physique – I decided to sign up for personal training sessions. A little something for myself!”

Audrey had worked with other personal trainers before but never found one she could connect well with. Some personal trainers would say, “You have to be on a diet. You can’t eat this, you can’t eat that, you can’t drink alcohol.”

“When I ask John if I need to restrict my diet or stop drinking alcohol, he always tells me that I should eat what I want and have a glass of wine – because it’s good for my mental wellbeing.

John does not control my diet. He sets different goals for me. He wants me to get stronger, but he also wants me to leave the gym feeling better about myself. Most importantly, I can eat and drink without guilt!”

A typical workout would include deadlifts, pull-ups, I-Y-T raises, farmers walk. With small group personal training, Audrey trains with three other girls but still has a personalised training programme customised to her goals.

“John has helped me to understand more about movement – how my body moves and how each movement is supposed to feel.

Despite being a competitive athlete in Olympic Weightlifting, he doesn’t push us to lift heavy weights like he does, but he always pushes us to be better than our last session.”

To Audrey, Level has taught her to be more resilient.

“Personal training is also a form of mental training, as I’m training my mind over my body. Each time I enter Level, I tell myself to put everything down and lift myself up.”

Audrey Tan

As for how she enjoys the small group personal training, Audrey says,

“If you are training one-on-one, it can be stressful having a trainer look at you for one hour. But in a group of girls, the social connectivity is there.

If we come into the gym tired after work, we encourage each other and cheer each other on. Training becomes a lot of fun and the hour passes by very quickly.”

Audrey trains weekly in a small group with Mai, Cammie and Harshmeet. If you’re interested in small group personal training, send us an email at trial@level.com.sg or drop us a DM on Instagram to arrange a free trial.

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