Coach Spotlight: Bryan Tan

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Male, Trainers

Coach Spotlight: Bryan Tan

It’s important to hear about the other sides of our people. Our coaches are human too, and like all of us, they’ve had their fair share of struggles during the pandemic. We sat down with Bryan to talk about his heart, and how sometimes that’s far more important than what the head is going through.

What has the past year taught you?

Being at peace with something you have no control over would probably be the takeaway for the past year. Be in control of your day/week/month/year and you’ll ride through this storm. With the upsets and downfalls that we’ve been facing (which have been dreadful), the only thing that matters is to realise and be sure of what you’re in control of.

I’ve had to pivot my focus on numerous things at hand and allow myself to succumb to the fact that despite whatever I’m going through, I am still healthy and doing things I love, which are blessings I hold on to.

I love being on the bike. I competed in water sports growing up as a kid, and cycling was a new skill I picked up just over a year ago. I often find myself at ease despite huffing and puffing away; the serenity as I face the wind that blows right into my face while being on the bike has helped me to manage my stress levels and build a small community amongst the different groups of friends I have.

Coach Spotlight: Bryan Tan

What is the best thing you’ve read recently that has helped you make sense of everything?

“Educated” by Tara Westover. I still think about the battles she had to go through growing up and I can’t fathom how she’s here telling this story of hers, despite the turn of events that has happened.

The trivial things in my life may be a huge milestone for many, and vice versa. Stepping out of my comfort zone while trying to make a good first impression or even being pushed around while trying to breathe underwater was a huge takeaway there.

Need a book recommendation? Slide into my DMs.

We have seen so much progress with your clients, especially those on your rehabilitation protocol! What is the secret to eternal life?

Compassion and patience – Dalai Lama got it right with this one. Providing your service and time to the best of your ability allows for the greater good to happen wherever you go.

The health and fitness industry may be flawed in many ways, but if you were to seek help (or not), time and love are the only currencies in life that allow for positive changes.

Coach Spotlight: Bryan Tan

What is some advice you would give to someone who is struggling to find meaning in their fitness journey?

Find that lowest hanging fruit. The path of least resistance addresses many uncertainties that you’re staring blankly at, because taking a first step that is easy and a no-brainer is better than taking no steps at all.

Cultivate habits, and be inspired, but not motivated. Motivation is a myth in many aspects. The only race you’re winning is with yourself, so be better than yesterday even if it means slogging through today to find that win.

Tell us about @thebunlifters and why we should be invested!

I went on numerous burger dates with a client last year, and I was egged on by a member in the gym to start this page with my 2 best friends who went through similar phases of eating burgers.

A humble burger is simple but also meticulous at the same time. Perfecting a Burger is an art, a skill that many deem they possess. We’ll give you honest reviews and tell you what we believe is the best.

Follow @thebunlifters on Instagram for the lowdown on the best burgers in Singapore, and slide into Bryan’s DMs for the list of his favourite books. Bryan also cycles around the island, so he’s quite the one stop shop for Bikes, Burgers, and Books.

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