Camellia Abd Gani: “I train so I can build more muscle mass”

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Female, Personal Training for Strength

Camellia Abd Gani


Name: Camellia Abd Gani
Age: 41
Height: 1.54cm
Weight: 46kg
Trainer: Small Group Personal Training with John Cheah

Camellia Abd Gani

Camellia (or Cammie) started training at Level in January 2020 when she signed up for Level’s Spartan Training programme to prepare for the Spartan race.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions hit and the race was cancelled. However, Cammie found that she enjoyed training at Level as the trainers were very passionate and the other Level gym goers were very friendly. She had made two good friends – Mai and Harshmeet and the three of them started attending regular group classes at Level – such as Sweat, Structure, Skill and Spartan Skill classes.

In September 2021, Cammie decided to form a group with Mai and Harshmeet and start small group personal training with John Cheah.

“I wanted to put on more weight and gain more muscle mass. Outside of the gym, I do also go bouldering, so I wanted to build upper body strength to help with bouldering”

Camellia Abd Gani

A typical workout would consist of pull-ups and lat strengthening exercises. Cammie would also do push-ups using a barbell, and bicep and tricep exercises. For her lower back, Cammie would do back extensions and deadlifts. When she first started personal training, she could deadlift 35kg. Now, she can comfortably deadlift 48kg.

“Before I knew John, I thought he was very fierce. But once you get to know him, you realise that he is quite a joker. John really knows what he’s doing.”

“John motivates me in the right way – he knows my strength, how much more I can do and how far he can push me. I never feel stressed when he asks me to add more weight, because I know that he will never push me beyond my capability.”

Cammie loves her training sessions because she gets to train with her friends – Mai, Harshmeet, and Audrey.

“Small group personal training is more affordable and it’s fun working out with friends. We are always pushing each other and motivating each other. And we can chit chat during our breaks!”

Camellia Abd Gani

When asked why she likes Level, Cammie says,

“The vibe at Level is very friendly and family oriented. The minute you walk through the door, you immediately feel comfortable. Everyone makes you feel very welcome.”

Cammie has been a regular at Level for almost three years now and continues to recommend Level to all her friends.

“I always recommend Level to my friends because the trainers are very dedicated and very professional.”

Cammie trains weekly in a small group with John Cheah. If you’re interested in small group personal training, send us an email at trial@level.com.sg or drop us a DM on Instagram to arrange a free trial.

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