Clarence Lim: “I train so I can build muscle and get stronger”

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Male, Personal Training for Strength

Clarence Lim - Classes at Level



Name: Clarence Lim
Occupation: Event Planner
Age: 28
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 58kg
Personal Trainer: John Cheah
Time with Level: 10 sessions


“I’ve gotten so much better at understanding my body and my form.”


A regular at Level, Clarence has been attending Skill and Sweat classes for almost 2 years. However, it was only 2 months ago, in October 2019, when he tried personal training with John Cheah for the first time.

Clarence wanted to get bigger and stronger – his goal was to increase his muscle mass and to gain weight. After a consultation about his diet and nutrition, Clarence realised that he had been under-eating. In order to gain muscle mass, Clarence had to consume 600 calories more each day. He has since adjusted his diet.


Clarence Lim - Personal Training at Level Singapore


Besides working on Clarence’s diet, John developed a customised personal training programme which included exercises such as back squats, hinge rows, deadlifts, chin-ups and split squats.


Clarence Lim - I train so I can get bigger and stronger


“Doing proper deadlifts is not just about strength. It is about breathing properly and having the right technique”


Just by teaching him the right breathing technique, John was able to help Clarence raise his deadlift personal record by a whopping 42kg (from 60kg to 102kg) in ten sessions. His pull-ups also improved and he is now able to do 8 full pull-ups with good form. 

Our programme has also helped Clarence increase his confidence in the gym, and to be more open to new exercises. He said, “I found split squats quite scary at first and used to be stuck at 35-40kg. Now, I’m able to do 60kg with good form.”


Clarence Lim


With his newfound confidence, Clarence has added a new goal to his list: a handstand.


“I would recommend training at Level to my friends, even those who go to the gym regularly. I think the results have been visible and personal training has definitely helped me.

I definitely would not have been able to achieve this on my own.”




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