Client Spotlight: Emilie Potvin

by | May 19, 2020 | Client Stories, Female

Client Spotlight Emilie Potvin

We caught up with Emilie, who works with governments across Asia to think about how technology affects the future of transport. It’s not a coincidence that she’s one of the first clients who have used technology to advance her own journey in fitness!

How has the Circuit Breaker affected your fitness goals?

I move a lot on a daily basis (whether it’s running after my two kids or going from meetings to long airport walks, etc) and knowing that I would be confined to my apartment for an unlimited amount of time had me panicked at first.

What made you decide to get on board virtual PT/remote coaching?

My sessions with Alex and Bron keep me sane, and I knew that I would need to continue to do something good for me during the CB. Endless meetings with my teams across time zones can take a toll. It’s important to do something that keeps you sharp and alert! Training does that for me.

Is this your first time doing this sort of virtual PT/remote coaching?

Yes, and it’s actually been a lot better than I had imagined. I was afraid I would not feel challenged as much as in the gym but it’s not the case at all. I leave my sessions really satisfied, knowing I worked really hard.

What were you hoping to achieve with virtual PT/remote coaching?

I wanted to ensure I continued to make progress in my original goals and it has been great!

Client Spotlight Emilie Potvin


What have you gained from your virtual PT/remote coaching experience with Level? And are you doing anything different / moving differently as a result of your training?

I have realized how important it is to move, even in a limited space. The benefits on my body (and my mind!) are very valuable in these stressful times.

Would you recommend Virtual PT/remote coaching to a friend/family, and why?

Totally. Virtual coaching has allowing me to stay active, continue with my fitness goals and allows me to feel like I am doing something for myself in a period where it’s difficult to carve individual time out of work and the kids. My 10 year old has joined the kids classes and my 3 year old pretends to follow in the back. It’s a great environment for the family to stay active.

Bron and Alex are really good listeners and have come up with a great program for me. My arms have never looked as good.

Emilie is one of many who are training remotely with a coach, working on the little things so that the big things take care of themselves. To experience that for yourself, drop us a message at trial@level.com.sg

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