Client Spotlight: Sarah Cole

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Client Stories, Female


We caught up with Sarah Cole, a prodigal coach of Level who’s now at the other end of the coaching relationship. Her goals have changed dramatically over the years and what drove her years ago is firmly in her rear view mirror. She’s on the way to greener pastures, but that doesn’t mean less work, just different work.

Hi Sarah, what do you do outside the gym and how long have you been training at Level?

I work as a Health and Physical Education teacher and Health and Performance coach in an International school, and I’m 6 weeks into personal training back at Level!

How has training with us helped you in your daily endeavours?

My job’s pretty demanding, so training here allows me to enhance what I can do in the workplace. Level is also a space for me to recharge and care for myself and my health; a time away from the noise of everything else.

Why the decision to train at Level?

I used to work here, once upon a time 😉 I know and trust Alex from the time we used to work together and I like the OPEX way of programming and coaching. Fun fact: I’ve also competed with John in his previous life of CrossFit and he’s a good presence here too!

You were once very competitive in the sport of CrossFit. How has that changed? And how does your current training reflect that?

I’m no longer competing, and currently I’m looking for more balance and sustainability in the way I move and stay healthy. The training intensity and duration is less, yet I’m in a better head space with what I can do physically and how I can balance life outside work and the gym.

It can be hard to let go of the competitive mindset but my intentions are more focused on longevity and enjoyment. My current training is movement over intensity and I’m very happy to gradually build my fitness up as I get older (gulp!)

Sarah is one of many who have managed to find that fine line between work and life through the medium of fitness. To experience that for yourself, drop us a message at trial@level.com.sg

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