Client Stories: It Takes Two Hands…to Handstand

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Client Stories

Marcela is an Aerial instructor (not a pilot), and Asawinee (we call her Asa) is a Supplier Development Engineer who travels extensively for her work. They’re both regulars of our Handstand classes with Lorne, so we caught up with them to find out a bit more about this common love for being upside down.

What made you decide to train at Level? Is this your first time working with a Handstand coach?

A: The good vibes at Level motivates me the most! I also think you guys have outstanding coaches. It’s not my first time doing handstands, but it’s a first for me to approach learning them in a consistent and progressive way.

M: A few friends recommended Level. I’ve never worked with a Handstand coach before so I thought it was a good opportunity to try it out!

What were you hoping to achieve through working with a Handstand coach?

A: Progress and joy through the process. I aim for an 80% entry in every shape, getting more confidence and being efficient on balancing through the shape and transitioning through good movement.

M: I was looking to learn proper techniques to achieve a handstand. I had experience with movement and other arm balances but I wanted to work with a specialist in handstands since it requires a lot of fine tuning and the trained eye to troubleshoot and make corrections was something I was lacking in my own practice.

Describe a typical Handstand class!

A: Warm up, skill work and conditioning with capacity hold at the end.

M: Morning sessions with Lorne are fun and productive! We go from a nice warmup to technical drills, endurance and there is also time to play with new stuff.
Lorne creates a good balance between effective and fun training. Handstands can be frustrating and scary sometimes, and he understands how to create a safe space to practice and keep you motivated when you hit roadblocks.

I’m learning a lot and becoming part of a great community. Every time I start my day off attending class it sets a great mood for the rest of the day.

What have you gained from your experience with Level? And are you doing anything different / moving differently as a result of your Level training?

A: There’s a great vibe in Level’s handstand community. My Handstand entry has increased from 5% to 60% and my holding time has increased from three seconds to thirty seconds consistently. It has been is a drastic change over the past 9 months. Aside from handstand class, I am taking movement class, Pole Dancing and Aerial Strap.

M: After just one session I realised how much there was for me to learn. I’ve done handstands before but I’m also discovering a whole new facet to this discipline which is challenging and exciting.

How is training at Level different from other gyms?

A: It is the vibe that makes it different. I feel at home, but the same time I’m encouraged to learn and train, plus the training process suits my style and need.

M: I’m not really a “gym person” so what I like about level is the chill vibes. Everyone seems to be having a good time.

Client Stories: It Takes Two Hands...to Handstand

How is it like training with each other?

A: It’s fun and motivating!

M: Asa is an awesome training partner. She’s energetic but also a patient and encouraging spotter. I have a lot of fun training with her!

Our Handstand Class is a gateway to a fun, warm and welcoming community that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but kicks ass all the same. Send an email to trial@level.com.sg to be a part of the family!

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