Coach Spotlight: Coach, Wife, Daughter… Mother!

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Coach Spotlight: Evadne Woon

The last time we met Eva, she was a fresh-faced coach just beginning her journey at Level. She’s still fresh faced (good beige don’t age), but is now armed with a new son and a wealth of knowledge through working with clients and coaches who’ve allowed her to forge a path of her own.

We interviewed you right when you joined Level! What do you feel has changed or how do you feel you’ve grown since?

I am now responsible for a life that is completely dependent on me for survival, and I’m constantly finding a medium between the identities of being a mom and being me. I’ve also learnt how to be more efficient with my time, as well as pick things up with my toes while wearing baby Josh on my chest!

How different is life now versus when you first gave birth to Josh?

Josh is about 6 months old, and he is now more vocal, interactive and mobile! It used to be feed, sleep, diapers– done. It’s actually more fun now because of the new interaction as he discovers the world around him, and at the same time a lot more tiring as he requires constant engagement.

What were some changes you and your husband had to make?

We had to adjust our schedule to accommodate having a baby as we wanted Josh to integrate easily into our lives, but also not change our entire lifestyle for him. For example, that looks something like having an earlier sail on our boat so we are done before 7pm. We can then head home and get Josh in bed before his bedtime.

We also had to learn how to over-communicate each other; to know where we were mentally, emotionally and physically. We learnt that we can never take it for granted that the husband (or wife) has the energy to pick up the slack when the wife (or husband) is exhausted.

Coach, Wife, Daughter... Mother!

What was it like having to coach while pregnant?

It was great actually! I loved being in a job that required me to move! It actually gave me teaching moments as clients would tell me to not do anything for fear of injuring myself and affecting the pregnancy. I used opportunities like that to educate them that it’s perfectly ok for a pregnant woman to be lifting weight (or changing their weights for them) especially if she’s conditioned for it.

How did you deal (if you had to) with nonsense advice, and what do you think is appropriate or not for a new mum?

Of course I had to! That’s part of the journey a new mom has to walk. I will laugh or smile it off and say thank you. (Even if I kinda am rolling my eyes internally at how ridiculous it is!)

I think every mom has their own style of raising their child, and there is no right or wrong. Trust your mom instinct. The only “advice” I will give is to trust your husband with the baby– that will give you time to breathe and be more than a mom, and he will enjoy the journey of parenthood more than just being a sideshow.

We see Josh around the gym now! What’s it like to coach and have your baby around the gym?

It’s like juggling 2 glass balls, making sure I don’t let either fall! Sometimes I just pass josh off to whoever is babysitting for the hour/day, and concentrate wholeheartedly on my client. But there are also days when josh requires a little more of my attention and I’m super lucky my clients love josh and are happy to have him around!

Baby wearing josh and coaching made me appreciate all my strength training I do now and did while being pregnant!

Coach, Wife, Daughter... Mother!

What are three things you wish more people know about being pregnant and giving birth?

First, it’s okay to be moving, lifting weights or doing any kind of physical activity you used to do before you got pregnant, and if you feel like you can’t, that’s fine too!

Second, have a birth plan going in, so that you’re prepared. Make sure your husband and gynaecologist knows about the birth plan too. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go according to plan (it usually doesn’t go according to plan), but at least you don’t feel more stressed going into the unknown.

Last, don’t do too much research into what you can or can’t do/eat during your pregnancy. Listen to your body, it’s the best time to be in sync with it, and what works for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa. Enjoy the pregnancy!

Eva changes the lives of people through personal training. She specialises in Pre and Post natal work, and you might get to play with baby Josh in between your sets if you wash your hands. Send an email to trial@level.com.sg for a complimentary session!

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