Desmond Lim: “I train for a stronger body”

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Male, Personal Training for Strength

Desmond Lim


Name: Desmond Lim
Occupation: Fashion Director
Age: 46
Height: 1.72cm
Weight: 70kg
Class: Calisthenics Skill
Trainer: Kenneth Seow

Prior to Level, Desmond’s exercise routine revolved around Crossfit and boxing, where he pushed himself hard in his workouts.

“I found myself sustaining multiple injuries and compromising on my form. That’s when I realised that that environment was not suitable for me.”

When he met one of Level’s trainers, Tiffany Tan, at a photoshoot for Calvin Klein, Tiffany suggested that he change up his routine by adding some Calisthenics into the mix. Desmond immediately signed up for his first trial class.

“Coming to Level, my goal is to build a stronger body and if it looks good along the way – i’m cool with that!”

Desmond Lim

A typical workout at Kenneth’s Calisthenics Skill class would involve the much dreaded pull-ups and would expand across a series of exercises that worked different parts of the body, such as knee tucks, archer push-ups, and so on. Each session would typically end off with some high intensity work.

“Everyone has good days and bad days. Kenneth understands this and would dial up or dial down the exercises, coming up with alternatives to suit the needs of each person in the class.”

Desmond Lim

When asked why Desmond likes training at Level, he said,

“It is the absence of male chauvinism – where it’s ok to do one less pull up.

I used to workout in environments where such things are frowned upon and are seen as a form of weakness, especially coming from a guy.

I’m glad there isn’t an ounce of this at Level. At the end of the day – we workout to feel good so there’s definitely no need for that sort of pressure.”

Desmond Lim

Having trained at Level for more than half a year, Desmond now has several friends joining him in class.

“These sessions have truly brought us together. Seeing each and every one grow from strength to strength is truly quite something to be honest. Level is definitely bringing people together in the most positive of ways.”


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