Eleni Sardi: “I train so I can be a better runner”

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Sports Performance

Eleni Sardi


Name: Eleni Sardi
Occupation: Advertising
Age: 36
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 61kg
Personal Trainer: Evadne Woon

Eleni first came to Level via Classpass, when she attended a group class conducted by Eva in Feb 2019. “I was lucky enough to be the only one attending and that’s how I got to meet Eva.”

“I saw how much thought and care she puts into her clients; she took the time to explain the movements and looked out for my form. That was the first time I thought of getting a personal trainer.”

Eleni Sardi

At that moment, Eleni realised that there was more to fitness than just gym classes and reps and sets. 1-on1 personal training could help her better understand the mechanics of her body and improve her overall strength and fitness.

“Personal training has taught me how to train the right way, and move with the right form. It is a great way to add variety to my workouts, while having an accountability partner to empower and challenge me.”

Eleni Sardi

As an avid recreational runner, Eleni also wanted to improve her running performance. Over the next couple of months, Eva brought Eleni through a series of programs that revolved around strength and plyometrics to achieve her goals.

Eva incorporated front squats into her programming to work the quads, glutes and core, loaded sled pushes to build up endurance under fatigue, and a mix of full body explosive exercises like wall-balls, burpee box jump over, thrusters.

It wasn’t long before Eleni could do a 53kg regular deadlift, 70kg trap bar deadlift and a 75kg Farmer’s Walk. Eleni has also seen significant improvements with her running performance. From 5km runs, she built up the endurance to complete her first ever half marathon.

“Personal training has provided me with strength, confidence, and drive to challenge myself and become better. It’s massively helped my running as well, pushing my performance to a completely different level.”

Eleni Sardi

“Eleni is able to hit 10k with ease these days. Apart from getting stronger physically which enables her to quicken her running pace, she has also gotten stronger mentally to push through the pain,” said Eva.

Apart from reaching her goals, Eva and Eleni have grown much closer through Level. Their friendship extends beyond the two of them, to the other trainers and members of the gym as well. Eleni goes for post-workout coffee regularly with Eva and other Level members.

“Level is great because you always recognise everyone inside. People are always checking in on you. It feels like you’re training with your friends, it’s not intimidating or pretentious.”

Eleni Sardi

“I’ve found a community of people I enjoy being around, and a great friend in my trainer Eva.”

Eleni has found that training at Level has not only provided her with a more profound understanding of fitness, but it has also given her the drive to push beyond her ever-evolving goals. She is looking to get stronger and to complete her first ever full marathon in the near future.

“If you want to reach your goals and have fun while at it, there’s no better place than Level!”


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