Client Spotlight: Geoff Stockwell

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Client Stories

Geoff has been with us for close to a a year now since his move to Singapore. He juggles his job in Finance with his love for Golf and his 4 children. We caught up with him as he caught up (literally) with his son to ask him about how he also finds the time and energy to show up at the gym.

You’re a busy man! Why is training even on your list of to-dos?
Physical training helps with my mental well-being, and training with Lorne greatly improves my flexibility, movement, and helps with the sports I love playing.

How has training at Level helped you in life?
It’s changed the way I think about fitness goals. I used to want to see results in the way I look more immediately, but now I’m much more focused on longer term vs. getting in shape quickly.

It’s helped me focus on being fit, understanding longevity, and setting good habits in my busy life (dad of 4 here). Lots of good small decisions everyday will yield to results. When you are younger you can crash anything and get good results because you have more time (no kids). But with 4 children – flexibility is a luxury now; I have to make good decisions everyday.

How would you describe Level to someone new?
Level is not a gym, per se. It’s a holistic training facility for someone who is interested in well-being. A normal gym is a “check the box” kind of thing; a task I have to complete during my day.

I look forward to being in Level – you have the space to explore new ways of movement, and you’re not waiting for a machine. That being said, with Level it is not just about access or convenience. It’s the overall experience. It feels like MY space – my own personal gym. Not a gym you go to with loads of other people.

The overall experience is so different. You don’t need much motivation to go back (versus “OMG I need to go to Fitness First now!”)

Geoff is one of many who have managed to find that fine line between work and life through the medium of fitness. To experience that for yourself, drop us a message at trial@level.com.sg

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