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This month, we’re featuring the girls that welcome you into our studios, including one surprise – Nuryn’s back! Read on to learn more about our beloved FD girls!

1/ Tell us about yourselves!

Dinah – Hello, hello! It’s likely that you’ve seen or heard me around the studio; my name is Dinah. I’ve been at LEVEL for about a year, and because I’m so extroverted, I’m also very sure I’m the loudest and talkative front desk you’ve ever met. Seek me out if you want to share a laugh or need someone to chat to after your workout! I like to think of myself as the party’s life force, hehe.

Seri – Hey whats up guys i’m Seri (Ser-ee tyvm). Before joining Level, I was in sales. I just hit my one year mark here recently (woo!). I’m very much an introvert so I love spending whatever time I have at home. Alone. Reading. Or watching Netflix. I also love adventures so if i’m not riding up to Malaysia, I might be up a mountain!

Naddy – Hihi! I’m Naddy and I’ve been with Level for over a year now. I love meeting new people so if you see me around the studio don’t be shy to shout “Hey Naddy!”

Dee – Hi, I’m Dee. I’ve been with Level for almost a year now. I’m a wife and a mama to four little princesses. So half of my days are spent with either my family or Level! You can call me a boring person because I rarely spend my time out with my friends and that is because I don’t wanna miss on each and every one of my children’s milestones!

Nuryn – Nuryn here! Some of you may remember me – I first joined Level’s Front Desk back in 2022 and now I’m back!! Despite working in the fitness industry, you may find me eating less-than-healthy snacks or slurping up the sweetest drinks every day. Oops!

2/ Describe a day or shift at work!

Dinah – A day at work for me means looking through class and personal training schedules to see how my day would look and which trainers will be around for me to annoy (MUAHAHAHA)! I always make a to-do list as soon as I enter the studio to make sure I don’t forget anything important. As front desk, it is our constant responsibility to make sure the studio operates efficiently and offers a safe environment for clients to exercise! I too think that folding towels is quite relaxing! Did I mention that I also function as Level’s Marketing Assistant?

Seri – I can safely say on behalf of my girls that AM shifts are a struggle. (Hear! Hear!) Since i’m in charge of logistics, housekeeping is a pretty BIG deal for me and i’m very particular with stuff (it’s givin’ OCD vibes #slay). But as Front Desk, you gotta be good with multitasking and having eyes on everything and everyone all at once.

Naddy – I usually start by checking who will be in the studio for the day to accompany me for shifts (including clients of course) and just making sure operations run smoothly throughout the day leaving coaches and clients happy.

Dee – I’m usually zombie-ing for morning shifts because I barely get a good sleep the night before (I have kids in primary school and kids under 2 years old!!!!) But on a side note, no matter how it can get sometimes, as a Front Desk, you gotta chin up, look good and slay! The moment you step into the studio, you’re pretty much engaged until the end of your shift! And I would agree with Seri – as Front Desk, you gotta be good with multitasking and having eyes on everything and everyone all at once.

Nuryn – A day at work… hard to say, really. There is always something new to look out for everyday. Be it meeting new clients, engaging in a different work out (rarely) or coming up with new ideas to boost Level! But the constant would definitely be the usual housekeeping, ensuring our clients are safe during a class and my most favourite task: picking out the right playlist for workouts (you’re welcome)

3/ Being at the Front Desk can be overwhelming sometimes, maybe even lonely. Is this true?

Dinah – Overwhelming, for sureeeee one some days but please, I’m anything but lonely. I’m always chatting to people, whether it be my front desk girls, the trainers, or even clients! I sometimes believe that when I take a sick day or call in sick, my coworkers get depressed because they don’t have somebody to make them laugh.

Seri – #facts. When it’s busy, we’re up to our eyeballs!! But on a quiet day, you can find me blasting 2000s R&B in the gym or working out with the trainers, hehe!

Naddy – Overwhelming, yes but nothing one can’t handle. Lonely, no cause the coaches are always around to annoy us hahaha just kidding….

Dee – No matter how hard (overwhelming) life gets at work, the soul will never give up! Lonely? I would say sometimes on a quieter day but the clients, trainers and of course, the FD girls make my day!

Nuryn – It does get lonely from time to time when it’s quieter but I always keep myself preoccupied with other things. Perhaps why I look forward to the next class, so I could have some company. I might be a bit of a chatter with clients! But you are the best part of my day, hehe.

4/ What’s the best thing about working the front desk?

Dinah – Work and fun in the same sentence? Not quite. SIKE! The real jackpot of being the front desk at Level? Daily encounters with fascinating individuals. We’re basically the undercover agents of Level, privy to all the juicy deets. My heart skips a beat when clients stroll in, throwing a casual “hello” with my name – the perks! And big love to my trainers as well <3

Seri – Observing the things happening in the gym. the things we see…. haha sometimes I can’t control my facial expressions… But also we absolutely love it when clients remember our names and bring us goodies (YALL ARE THE BEST THANK YOU!!)

Naddy – The FD girls who make work bearable, the clients that appreciate us FD girls and the coaches for morning coffee when we have a 7am shift!!!

Dee – One fact for sure, definitely the FD girls are on my top list. And of course, having clients that are so kind to you, that makes my life in front desk so much better. Not forgetting our trainers that come in everyday and check in with a simple “how are you” that makes our hearts flutter!

Nuryn – Besides seeing the kind familiar faces of our clients and even the Level family, I have to say it’s definitely having our team leader pushing us to expand our minds and challenging us to be more creative. It helps with my growth not just in Level, but also personally. The team has tremendously been very giving with me. It’s really nice (╹◡╹)♡

5/ What’s the worst thing about working the front desk?

Dinah – people forgetting to pick up their towels and belongings at the gym, despite being seasoned adults. I’m starting to think I should add “lost and found expert” to my job scope.

Seri – WHERE DO I BEGIN. When you’re working by yourself and you have to toggle between studios. It’s our very own workout

Naddy – Being a concierge for the whole of Robinson Rd and I think the front desk girls would agree with me on this

Dee – Nothing much I can say, it’s a one man show because you’re working by yourself so just do it. Get it done! (zzzzzzzzz)

Nuryn – When you work in a customer service line, you’re bound to find yourself meeting questionable people or entitled people. Need I say more?

6/ You ladies are a tight bunch! Was this camaraderie something that grew over time or was it love at first sight?

Dinah – Well we weren’t always this close, teamwork indeed makes the dream work. From initial awkwardness, we’ve come a long way through front desk dinners and sharing juicy gossip. Now, we’re not just colleagues but friends who finish each other’s sentences.
It’s more than just a personal connection GPS; it’s the kind of friendship where I can effortlessly recall your drink order.

Seri – We’re made up of a loud (read: Dinah) and chill bunch so we pretty much balanced it out. It took some time for us to properly get to know each other. But now if you put us together, we can be very unhinged (Alice confirmed this and called us weirdos)!

Naddy – It’s definitely friendship forged over time. We are bonded by our different personalities. All in all, the FD girls are all crazy.

Dee – I don’t really fancy working with so many girls because it can get too dramatic sometimes!! But what more can I say huh? When you meet the right girls, less drama, more love. And it’s definitely love at first sight with the girls!

Nuryn – Definitely love at first sight! Period. Love the girls!

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