How to Enjoy Party Season Without Loosing Fitness

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Personal Training

You’re probably seeing glittering lights and hearing merry melodies now that the holiday season is in the air. Some may struggle to maintain their fitness and diet discipline because of the holiday cheer and celebrations. You can actually enjoy this season without sacrificing your hard-earned progress. In this article, we’ll be embracing the fact that party season is not a tug-of-war between merry-making and fitness goals. By making some mindful choices, you can enjoy wonderful moments with your loved ones while maintaining your physical well-being.

Fast before going to parties
Before going to a party, eat little or nothing at all. You don’t necessarily have to fast for the entire day. You can skip breakfast or eat a light lunch. It can be a strategic choice as it allows for a bit of indulgence without feeling guilty later.

Prioritize protein
Make sure to consume more protein if you think you might overeat. Select food with protein first before consuming carbs. Starting with protein means you’re less likely to overindulge it as it is the most satiating macronutrient.

Limit your alcoholic drinks and hydrate in between
The best way to get through the party season without sacrificing your fitness goals is to keep your intake of alcoholic beverages to a minimum and to stay hydrated in between. Alcohol can upset your body’s water balance and carry a powerful calorie punch, despite its social appeal. Rather than completely saying no to alcoholic drinks, drinking moderately and limiting yourself is already a good move for your fitness goals. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while consuming alcoholic drinks. Always have a glass of water on hand and take frequent sips in between.

Go for a walk after
Going for a walk after a heavy meal helps with digestion and reduces any spikes in your blood sugar. You will feel better after a large dinner if you take a walk. Try walking home or taking the MRT back. Consuming excessively large meals shouldn’t become a habit, but during special occasions, you can do small things to mitigate the impact.

Have a hard workout before the party
Having a hard workout before a party will help to improve insulin sensitivity and provide storage space for all the carbohydrates you may consume. A hard workout also increases muscle protein synthesis, utilising any protein that you consume toward muscle development. To put it simply, an intense workout before eating lets you eat more without suffering the same metabolic effects that you would without a workout. So why not drop by Level for a quick class before you hit the parties? We have showers at both locations so you can freshen up before you put on your dancing shoes!

Enjoying the party season while maintaining fitness is a balancing act. It’s entirely possible to socialize and have fun without sacrificing your health goals. Dance the night away, engage in lively conversations, and savour the connection of the gatherings! Ensure that you consume healthier food and drink choices while you spend quality time with your loved ones. By combining flexibility, planning, and mindfulness, you can enjoy every celebration while taking care of your health.

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