Jordi Chiu: “I train so I can play soccer”

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Male, Sports Performance

Jordi Chiu



Name: Jordi Chiu
Occupation: Hedge fund manager
Age: 37
Personal Trainer: Jeff Chuang
Time with Level: Since March 2019


As a hedge fund manager, Jordi spends most of his day at his desk – save for his weekly soccer and volleyball sessions. He started personal training at Level in March with the goal of preventing injury during his soccer games. He also wanted to increase muscle mass and strength in his posterior chain. 


“My personal training sessions at Level have definitely helped to improve the performance of my soccer game.”


Jordi Chiu


“Before personal training, I use to lean towards being less physical on the field. Now, I am more confident and am more aggressive during my soccer games.” 


When he first started training with Jeff Chuang, Jordi had good agility, but needed to work on his strength and endurance. With this in mind, Jeff developed a personalised programme for Jordi with bi-weekly sessions, each with a different focus. The first session would focus on compound lifts, like trap bar deadlifts and barbell back squats, while the second session would focus on unilateral movements, such as step ups and lunges.


Jordi Chiu


Jeff noticed that Jordi’s shoulders tended to round forward, and included more pulling exercises, such as dumbbell rows that focus on posterior pulling strength.


Jordi Chiu


In just six months, Jordi can now deadlift 80kg (from 50kg) and can now complete five reps with good form. He also does his kettlebell step-ups with double the weight he started out with.


“I would recommend Level to anyone who wants to try personal training. The training program is well designed, and I can see significant progress from my sessions.”

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