Kelvin Ngian: “I train to build more upper body strength”

by | Aug 20, 2022 | Male, Personal Training for Strength

Kelvin Ngian



Name: Kelvin Ngian
Age: 38
Height: 1.72cm
Weight: 80kg
Trainer: Small Group Personal Training with Daniel Paul Anugraham

Kelvin Ngian

Kelvin has been a regular at Level since October 2020 – first attending Daniel’s Skill classes, then progressively taking on Kenneth’s Calisthenics class to mix things up.

In February 2022, he decided to try small group personal training with Daniel so that he could have a more structured and focused training programme.

Kelvin Ngian

While Kelvin had worked with other personal trainers at other gyms before, he felt that Level’s approach was different.

“At my previous gym, the training programme was more random. We did different exercises every week and there was no real direction or goal in terms of what we wanted to achieve.

At Level, Daniel is very structured. Each week, we do the same set of exercises but with progressive overload. Daniel tracks my progress and remembers the weight that I lifted the previous week. Each week, we increase the weight and try to push for a new personal best.”

Kelvin Ngian

Kelvin’s goal with Daniel was to try and hit a 100kg bench press with the correct technique. When he first started personal training, he could only do a 60kg bench press. Now, he is able to bench 80kg with good form.

“Daniel has a very specific technique with the bench press. He has a fixed routine around how to set up the bench and how to position yourself: where to sit, where to place your head, how to arch your back. 

It’s a very structured approach to setting yourself up optimally for the bench press and helps to keep things consistent.”

Kelvin Ngian

Kelvin now comes to Level three times a week – once for small group personal training focused on his bench press, once to Daniel’s Skill (Squat) class and once to Kenneth’s Calisthenics class to increase his upper body pull strength.

Kelvin Ngian

On the variety of classes at Level, Kelvin said,

“I like the fact that Level offers different types of training you can switch around with. If you’re bored of HIIT, switch to Calisthenics. Perhaps try a handstand class or a weightlifting one. It keeps things fresh.

The pace is also more moderate – you’re not spammed with endless exercises and constantly training to failure.”

However, he likes complementing classes with small group personal training for a more personalised approach.

“I like small group personal training because it is more intimate. Your trainer can pay more attention to your form and track your progress.

Small group personal training allows for a more structured and personalised programme (compared to a class). You will not get this level of attention in a big class where different people are coming in at different skill levels.”

Kelvin Ngian

Kelvin enjoys meeting up with regulars at the different classes, such as Leanne and Jessica in Daniel’s Skill class and Desmond and Maggie in Kenneth’s Calisthenics class.

“I love the vibe here at Level. The coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. From the front desk to the trainers, everyone makes the effort to get to know you. It’s not one of those big gyms where you get lost in the crowd.

It makes coming to the gym a lot less painful.”

Kelvin trains weekly in a small group with Daniel. If you’re interested in small group personal training, send us an email at trial@level.com.sg or drop us a DM on Instagram to arrange a free trial.

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