Kelvin Wang: “I train to be able to do things I never thought possible before”

by | May 22, 2023 | Male, Personal Training for Strength


Name: Kelvin Wang
Age: 29
Height: 183cm
Weight: 80kg
Occupation: Brand Strategist
Coach: Zheng Jie

Kelvin’s fitness journey has not been an easy one. Since being obese up to the age of 19, he has struggled with his weight and body image issues.

To lose the weight, Kelvin began running and working out at several fitness studios. However, he did not find his workouts effective or productive. He felt that he was just going through the motions. Maintaining consistency and achieving results has always been a challenge.

 Kelvin Wang

Kelvin remembers walking past Level when he was still in university (around 24 years old) and he felt awestruck by trainers who were doing handstand and mobility drills outside of Level’s Telok Ayer branch. He was curious about the classes at Level but was afraid to try them out because he didn’t think he was strong enough and felt intimidated by the people behind the glass walls.

However, after quitting his gym, he decided to give it a go. In December 2020, he attended his first Sweat class at Level. In 2021, Kelvin moved on to Skill classes, to learn weightlifting and metcon movements. This was about the same time that Zheng Jie started coaching at Level as a trainer.

Growing up obese, Kelvin stayed away from group sports or workouts because of his insecurities. He built a narrative in his head that he was not one of those “fit people”, and would never be like them.

“Since training at Level, I’ve gained so much more perspective on fitness in general, gained confidence in learning new movements and have more ownership over my fitness journey. I’ve come to learn that I can actually do the movements I previously thought I’d never be able to do”.


Kelvin Wang


Through Zheng Jie’s Skill class, Kelvin learnt new movements such as deadlifts and back squats. He no longer avoids pull-ups even though he used to be terrified of them during National Service.

Another personal achievement was when Kelvin managed to do a handstand and busted the ‘myth’ that he would never be able to do one. This shift in perspective has empowered him to try new activities outside of the gym such as wakesurfing, surfskating. In September 2022, he finished a 5-day trek in the Peruvian Andes (despite never experiencing such high altitude before) and in early December, he took part in his first-ever half marathon.


“Level is truly a place where anyone, regardless of the level of their physical fitness, can join in and dare to take up space! The initial worry or intimidation that one might feel when looking from outside the glass walls quickly disappears once you’ve experienced your first few classes here.

The added bonus is when you find like-minded individuals and perhaps even develop new friendships through the small (but effective) group classes.”


On training with Zheng Jie,


“I joined Zheng Jie’s community class when he first started out at Level. It has been a fruitful year of learning from him as well as being able to witness his growth as a trainer. I’ve seen Zheng Jie not only remain steadfast to the values he holds close to his heart when it comes to teaching, but also growing in his commitment towards his students.

“Open, humble and diligent” – these are qualities that I’ve been lucky enough to witness and benefit from through his classes.“


Kelvin Wang


On training at Level, Kelvin says

“Overall, in the 2 years that I’ve trained with Level under many different trainers. I believe that’s a key differentiator that Level has over other fitness studios. The trainers’ commitment to their craft, deep knowledge about what they do and genuine concern for each student’s progress is probably the reason why we choose to stick around.”


Kelvin does personal training and attends small group classes at Level. If you haven’t tried our classes, check out our Starter Pack where you can sample three of our classes for $60 only, or email trial@level.com.sg to set up a complimentary personal training consultation.

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