Linda Sim: I train so I can be healthier and stronger

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Female, Personal Training for Strength

Linda Sim

Name: Linda Sim
Occupation: Forensic Accountant
Age: 43
Height: 155cm
Weight: 70kg

Embarking on a fitness journey can often be an overwhelming experience with a plethora of options available, from yoga and spinning to more traditional gym workouts. Linda Sim, like many others, explored various forms of exercise in her quest for a healthier and stronger self. It was her pursuit of personal betterment that eventually led her to discover Level, a decision influenced by her desire for a more tailored fitness experience and, interestingly, a suggestion from her husband to explore personal training options.

Linda Sim

“My husband suggested that I try a different gym, but I did not believe in their offering. I told him I wanted to give other gyms a try. I came across Level online, reached out and was recommended Alice. I really enjoy my sessions with her so here I am!”

Her search for a gym that aligned with her personal fitness philosophy led her to Level. Upon reaching out, she was recommended to work with Alice, a personal trainer at Level whose expertise and approach to personal training for women resonated with Linda. This marked the beginning of a transformative fitness partnership.

Working with a personal trainer wasn’t a new experience for Linda; she had embarked on this path before. Yet, her objectives remained clear – she wanted to enhance her overall health and strength. A typical session for Linda at Level involves a comprehensive routine starting with a warm-up, followed by deadlifts, squats, abdominal exercises, and conditioning work.

Linda Sim

This structured approach, tailored to her goals, has yielded significant benefits. Since starting her personal training at Level, Linda has noticed remarkable improvements in her strength and wellbeing, illustrating the positive impact of a well-crafted fitness program.

“I definitely feel stronger. I no longer experience neck, shoulder or back pain. I went to a spin class recently and did not struggle as much even though it has almost been half a year since my last one.”

Linda Sim

What sets training at Level apart for Linda is the personalised attention and support she receives, especially from her personal trainer, Alice. This personalised approach has been a game-changer, making Linda feel truly supported on her fitness journey. It’s the attentiveness and understanding of her needs and goals that have made all the difference, distinguishing Level from other gyms she has experienced.

“Alice really listens, and I think that made all the difference. I feel really supported in my fitness journey as a result.”

Linda Sim

Linda’s enthusiasm for Level and her personal training experience is palpable, and she wholeheartedly recommends Level to friends and family. Her journey is a shining example of how the right environment, coupled with expert guidance, can transform fitness goals into reality. Her experience at Level underscores the importance of finding a fitness studio that listens, understands, and supports your unique path to becoming healthier and stronger.

If you’re inspired by Linda’s story and are looking to embark on your fitness journey, Level is here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch with us to explore how our personal trainers and personal training programmes can help you reach your goals. Send us an email at trial@level.com.sg or drop us a DM on Instagram to arrange a free trial.


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