Marcela Viola: “I train to strengthen my core”

by | May 23, 2021 | Personal Training for Strength

Marcela Viola


Name: Marcela Viola
Occupation: Aerial Instructor
Age: 36
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 48.5kg
Time with Level: Since January 2020


An experienced aerial instructor, Marcela always had an interest in movement and the mechanics of the body and was a regular yoga and aerial practitioner.

In early 2020, Marcela wanted to improve her handstand, and it was one of her students who recommended Lorne’s Handstand class to her.



Lorne's Handstand Class

When Marcela first came to Lorne, she could only do a Handstand against the wall for 20 seconds.  But after attending his 7am class regularly, Marcela can hold a freestanding handstand for up to 30s. She can even execute variants of the handstand, like the straddle and tuck. She is now working on both press handstands and on making smooth transitions between those shapes.

“I made a lot of friends at Lorne’s Handstand class. We were called the 7am crew. I am still friends with them. Handstands require a very specific mindset. You have to be a bit obsessive to want to progress. We share that mindset – we share the love for seeing the progress and results.”

As an instructor herself, her learning progress extends beyond the physical skills she acquires in class, but in the vocal coaching cues she picks up from Lorne along the way.

“I learnt a lot on how to be a teacher from Lorne. How he speaks, how he presents the class and how he gives different metaphors. He’s very good at finding the right language for each student. Everyone learns differently, so you have to find the words to get your message through.”

“Lorne has gotten to where he is through hard work and I relate well to that. You have to be persistent, consistent and dedicated and Lorne shows that.”



Kenneth's Calisthenics Class

In order to develop the upper body strength to complement her handstand training, Marcela also began attending Kenneth’s Calisthenics Skill class.

“I like Calisthenics because you get to learn a skill; for example, a pull up, a muscle up, or a planche, while getting stronger at the same time. Calisthenics is also a good opportunity to balance my aerial training (predominantly upper body) with lower body exercises.”

In Kenneth’s class, she was able to increase her pull-ups from 3 to 10, and now can even perform Archer pull-ups. She has also found that Kenneth’s Skill class offered her the opportunity to work on her lower body, to balance out all the volume with her upper body in her handstand classes.

Marcela Viola

“I feel like this combination of training in Calisthenics and Handstands have improved my overall core strength, I definitely feel more balanced and in control of my movements, which is essential to my job as an instructor.”

Marcela Viola

“At Kenneth’s class, the girls that come all want to be strong, it’s a very good vibe – the “girl power sisterhood”. Kenneth’s classes have a good rhythm. He is also very good at tailoring the class to your specific level. He knows how to push but in a good way.”


About Level

Marcela Viola

Fully integrated into the Level family, Marcela enjoys the team energy she finds in both her classes.

“I recommend Level to my friends all the time. I’ve brought some of my students to Lorne’s class. At Level have very skilled instructors who are very serious about their craft and they take their classes / students very seriously. Very professional.”

“What I like the most about Level are the people. Level has a family-like ambience. It’s not like a regular gym where it’s all machines and equipment focused and you have big guys lifting weights. It’s more personal. The instructors and the people who work at Level know you by name. It’s a cosy environment.”

Marcela Viola

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