Matthew Coleman: “I train so I can perform better on the rugby field”

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Male, Sports Performance

Matthew Coleman



Name: Matthew Coleman
Occupation: Private Equity
Age: 28
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 88kg
Personal Trainer: Alex Salihin
Time with Level: Since July 2019


Matthew used to play rugby for leisure. Unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder skiing a couple of years ago. Other injuries from playing rugby (torn cartilage in his knee and back injuries) took him out of the sport 2 years ago.

When he moved to Singapore in July 2019, he started personal training sessions with Alex Salihin. Matthew wanted to train the way he used to and squat and deadlift like he did in the past. More importantly, he was keen to get back to playing rugby wanted to be pain-free.


“Training at Level has helped me rehab past injuries as well as get in better shape.”


Matthew Coleman


In order to help him get there, Alex came up with a personal training programme that would help Matthew progressively reach his goal, while bearing in mind his back condition. For example, doing the farmer’s walk helped to build stability and enabled Matt to lift heavy weights without compromising his back. Strict dips were also part of the programme as they helped to strengthen his upper body without potentially hurting his back. The programme also included core-centric exercises, such as Copenhagen planks.


“Alex is very rigorous and analytical in his approach – he does lots of testing and follow-up via the True Coach app. 

At my next sessions, I’m definitely more focused/targeted in training.”


Matthew Coleman


“Travelling is a big part of my job so I will often do the programmes sent through by Alex in hotel gyms or wherever while out of Singapore which makes long flights more manageable.”


Being a rugby player, Matthew likes the feeling of going all out and giving it all he’s got during a workout.  Alex understood this well and designed a series of finishers at the end of each session that would help him achieve that feeling. This included work on the Airdyne, Australian pull-ups, and single unders.


Matthew Coleman


“Alex and the team are very well informed and start the programmes with in-depth fitness tests so they know exactly what needs improved rather than some guesses based on what clients tell them.

Everyone is very friendly and approachable which makes a huge difference.”


With Alex’s well thought-out programme, Matthew has seen vast improvements.


“The two Level gyms are fun places to go – the music is normally good too!!”

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