Coach Spotlight: Sabrina Sng

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Female, Trainers

Teenage Witch or Just Plain Magic

She’s might be new, but she’s not a stranger to people looking to move better. We caught up with Sabrina Sng, performer-turned-coach-but-still-performs-sometimes, our newest addition to the team!

Welcome to Level! Tell us about yourself!

My name is Sabrina! It all started with physical training through sprinting and netball when I was in school. With this movement foundation, I gravitated towards high-energy training programs that focused on developing cardiovascular endurance, chasing speed and agility.

As a performer, my training needs diversified and I learned more about the imbalances in my body, and the value of strength training to support stamina and endurance. From this understanding and experience of training in my own journey, I became passionate to deepen my knowledge and share it, first as a personal trainer and then as a group fitness instructor.

How does a life in Performing connect to a life as a coach or in Fitness?

As a performer, the body is a tool for expression. Being passionate about physical theatre –the art of storytelling through physical gestures and movement– understanding how the body functions, its perceived limitations and the type of training that could condition the body to break those boundaries, are essential to my work as an artist.

As a coach, the transition feels seamless. An added element to coaching that feels fulfilling is understanding that people have different reasons for training. Beyond the world of performance, training is also essential for our daily activities and lifestyle.

How did you get started coaching?

In one of the fitness classes that I attended, while everyone was done and sitting at the sides watching, there was this one person who was still trying his best in the last exercise. Two coaches noticed that and immediately ran up to cheer and guide him till the very end. From that, I recognised that instinct that drew me to coaching: We don’t leave people behind.

I wanted to be a springboard for others to develop their physical performance and confidence in a safe space without judgement. The more knowledge I gained through the experiences I’ve encountered, the more passionate I feel about sharing that through education.


What’s it like to start a new job in the middle of the pandemic?

I feel absolutely grateful.

The occurrence of the pandemic allowed me to cherish my work even more. Beyond that, I also cherish the people that are in the community as we keep moving forward in these times together. I’m excited, humbled (and nervous) to begin this new chapter with this amazing team at Level who have been incredibly generous and warm with their welcome.

Why Level?

I admire and respect the depth and width of the experiences of the team. In envisioning the kind of coach that I aspire to keep developing into, I knew that Level was the place to be. Apart from training, this community is one that I look forward to being a part of and to connect with.

Sabrina will be taking Sweat, Structure and Skill classes come September; now that’s what we call a Triple Threat! Welcome her to the family by dropping in for one of her sessions! Send an email to trial@level.com.sg to reserve your slot.

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