Spartan Race Client Spotlight: Aneesh Chowdary

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Spartan Race Training

Spartan Race - Aneesh Chowdary

We caught up with Aneesh during one of his training sessions for the Spartan race and asked him a couple of questions about his progress and his experience in our Spartan Training Program!


Why did you decide to run the Spartan Race?

I decided to participate in the Spartan Race this year looking for a new fitness challenge, but did not know what sort of training was required. I got to know about the Spartan Race Training Program at Level from their newsletter. Having trained at Level before, I knew the team was committed to their training programs. 


How would you describe Spartan Race training with us?

My training sessions were always productive, efficient and well organised. Alex tailored every session according to my needs depending on my progress and any injuries. He introduced new variations to my workouts to ensure that my body was constantly challenged. George ensured that I exercised safely and correctly whilst maximizing results. 


How has the Spartan Race Training Program benefited you?

Spartan training has made me stronger and has improved my grip strength for all the obstacles, while keeping me free from injuries. It has been an exciting last few weeks and I’m looking forward to conquering those obstacles.


Aneesh completed all the obstacles at the Bukit Timah Spartan Sprint on the 3rd of August 2019, coming in top 50 in his age category.



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