Tristen Yee: “I train so I can be better at table tennis”

by | Oct 28, 2023 | Kids, Sports Performance

Tristen Yee

Name: Tristen Yee
Occupation: Student
Age: 13
Height: 155cm
Weight: 45kg

At Level, we take pride in supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds in their fitness journeys. We are excited to share the inspiring story of one of our youngest clients, Tristen Yee, a 13-year-old student with a passion for table tennis. In this interview, Tristen opens up about his training experience, his goals, and how personal training at Level has transformed not only his physical abilities but also his mental strength.

Tristen’s journey with Level began with a desire to elevate his performance in table tennis. To support Tristen as an aspiring athlete, his mother Trina wanted professional coaching that could help him enhance his skills and prevent injuries. Her search led her to Level, where she found Coach Hadrian who specialised in coaching teens and young athletes.

Tristen Yee

Tristen had never worked with a personal trainer before starting personal training at Level. His aspirations were clear from the start: he aimed to excel in table tennis by improving his strength and conditioning.

“As an athlete, I was searching for professional gym training that can improve my sports performance. It started with my quest to build strength to improve my performance and also conditioning to prevent injuries.”

Tristen Yee

Under the guidance of his personal trainer, Coach Hadrian, Tristen’s workouts are designed to support his table tennis goals. A typical session kicks off with some time on the air bike, allowing Tristen to get warmed up while discussing his week and any relevant updates. Afterward, his training would focus on core exercises, upper body workouts, and leg development. The session concludes with cooling down exercises to aid recovery.

Tristen’s experience at Level goes beyond physical transformation. He acknowledges that the guidance he receives from Coach Hadrian isn’t just about building muscle; it’s about building mental toughness. This has been instrumental in his journey as an athlete. Coach Hadrian’s insights into sports performance, combined with his own athletic experiences, have given Tristen a holistic view of his sport.

Tristen Yee

“My greatest takeaway from my training session is beyond physical training. Coach Hadrian shares with me on the development of my mental toughness. As a sports coach, Coach Hadrian shares his experiences and regularly guides me in reviewing my performance. He follows my development in the sport and plans my training progressively.”

“Since training with Coach Hadrian, I have learnt to manage my emotions during competition and will place equal importance on other aspects towards sporting excellence.”

Tristen Yee’s journey with Level serves as a testament to the power of personalised training and mentorship, regardless of age. He has not only built physical strength but also developed mental resilience, which is invaluable for any athlete. We are proud to be a part of Tristen’s journey, and we look forward to seeing him achieve even greater heights in the world of table tennis.

If you’re inspired by Tristen’s story and are looking to embark on your fitness journey, Level is here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch with us to explore how our trainers and programmes can help you reach your goals. Send us an email at trial@level.com.sg or drop us a DM on Instagram to arrange a free trial.


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