Why Women Lift: What are the benefits of lifting weights for women?

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Female, Why Women Lift

Debunking popular myths regarding women and lifting heavy.

We asked our female clients and trainers: what are the benefits of lifting weights for women?

Here’s what they had to say.


Benefits of Lifting Weights - Hannah

“You will feel stronger and can cope with day to day activities (eg. grocery shopping, moving house, taking care of kids) much more easily.

Over time, lifting weights also increases your bone density and makes your body more resilient, reducing your risk of fractures and muscle injuries.

As an added bonus, you’ll look much better with or without clothes on too!”

Hannah Ko, Personal Trainer at Level


Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Krystle

“First and foremost, lifting weights benefits you aesthetically! Starting on a strength and resistance training program is guaranteed to increase your lean muscle mass.

Resistance training has also shown benefits to heart, bone, and mental health. In addition, resistance training has also been proven to improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Lifting weights also promotes the release of endorphins in the body.”

Krystle Theseira – Personal Trainer at Level


Eleni Sardi Benefits of lifting weights for women

“Strength is a major benefit of lifting weights, as well as helping with weight management and definition.

There’s also a massive sense of achievement seeing the weights get heavier and knowing you’re getting stronger and better at it.

– Eleni Sardi, Advertising, Client at Level


Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Sharlynn

“Lifting weights increases your metabolism and helps to sculpt your muscles and give it a defined look- making you not only look more confident, but also feel more confident in your own skin.

It also helps women as we age by reducing muscle loss and your risk of injuries while simultaneously allowing you to work on your cardiovascular health.

Sharlynn Ooi, Personal Trainer at level


Why Women Lift - Ling

“It definitely helps to enhance my mood and reduce stress.”

– Ling Tew, Sales Rep, Client at Level


Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Tiffany

“Lifting weights helps you to get stronger, it builds resilience by decreasing risk of injury and it builds confidence!”

Tiffany Tan, Personal Trainer at Level


Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Suraya

“I was looking to improve on my strength, get toned and do so in a way that is measured and sustainable. This is precisely what I found in weight lifting sessions at Level.

It’s not a linear nor limited journey – with weight lifting you can continually progress better and stronger.

– Suraya Shulhameed, Tax Lead


Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women - Eva

“You feel stronger, you lose weight, you look good, you preserve muscle mass.

You build functional fitness (being able to carry your shopping, groceries luggages etc, and not being reliant on a man to do it!).

Best of all, you get a sense of empowerment.”

Evadne Woon, Personal Trainer at Level


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