Why Women Lift: Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights?

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Female, Why Women Lift

Debunking popular myths regarding women and lifting heavy.
We asked our female clients and trainers: will you get bulky lifting weights? Here’s what they had to say.


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Suraya Shulhameed


“From my experience and the experience of the other ladies that I train with: what you get is definition and tone. Not bulk.” – Suraya Shulhameed, Tax Lead


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Bronwen Appel


“Taking genetics out of this equation; strength training doesn’t make you bulky, eating excessively does. If you eat well, sleep well and maintain a balance lifestyle while lifting; you will feel strong, your energy levels will increase and you will look more lean. – Bronwen Appel, Trainer at Level 


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Premi Streram


“I definitely don’t consider myself bulky, instead my body has become lean and toned and it has created new curves. I feel more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been.”  – Premi Streram, Dentist


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Sharlynn Ooi


When you lift weights your muscles will get stronger, but it will not necessarily get bigger. Compared to men, women have ~20% less testosterone and growth hormone, which makes it super challenging for us to gain muscle mass in the first place. When women lift, we add sexy lean muscle mass to our body frame and gain better posture too.” – Sharlynn Ooi, Trainer at Level


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Jasmine Chan


“After I started weight training, I find myself leaner than before.  I also feel more active and more confident.”  – Jasmine Chan, Lawyer 


Will You Get Bulky Lifting Weights - Evadne Woon


“Whether or not you bulk is dependent on your body type and diet. If you have a bigger frame (e.g. wider shoulders), you may want to reduce the amount of time training that body part and focus more on your lower body so you build a more proportionate frame and balance out”- Evadne Woon, Trainer at Level


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