Enjoy small, guided group classes in two easily accessible locations in the CBD: Telok Ayer and Robinson Road.

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Movement is a gift, and our Sweat classes allow you to get straight in on the action. Sweat is High Intensity Interval Training at its finest, and as the name suggests, bring a change of clothes.

Sweat classes are circuit style classes involving light weights and bodyweight movements in a HIIT format. It is typically 45 min long.



If you’ve never stepped into a gym, this is a technique-focused class that will help you understand the language of movement: Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat. This isn’t a walk in the park however – we’re connecting the wires between the brain and the body, and you’ll hurt in places you may never hurt before (your ego might be one such place).

Structure classes are fundamental movement classes where we teach you how to move with classic gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. This class is 60 minutes, and is open to all levels.



Skill is our flagship class, taught and led by coaches who are / have been competitive athletes who continue to push their bodies in their respective fields. Skill classes are aimed at bringing your physical skills in weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning to a level you’ve never dreamed of before.

Skill classes are slightly more demanding, where we combine basic movement into more complicated concepts like rope climbs, Barbell cycling under fatigue and Interval Weight Training. Skill classes are 60 min long.

Class pre-requisite: You must be able to do a STRUCTURE class comfortably before booking this class.



Our Barbell club focuses on increasing technical proficiency in the snatch and the clean and jerk within a small group setting. Because of the progressive and personal nature of your experience with these lifts, we offer admission to the program by monthly membership only.

The Barbell club is led by coach Wu ChuanFu, who currently trains Singapore’s top athletes on the national weightlifting team.



A handstand is a high level skill so you want to start with the right foundations. This class is about getting the basics of a handstand right. Body positioning, joint prep, pro-preception, conditioning are all aspects that will be covered. This class is valuable for those just getting started or those who have been trying for a while with no success.

Open to all levels.



The Handstand Classic is for those looking at achieving their first handstand or seeking to fine-tune their technique. This class is structured to take students/ participants from the fundamentals of good body alignment and wrist preparation to conditioning work. You can expect overall fitness gains as you learn how to build the necessary strength, flexibility and techniques to execute a proper handstand.

To get the most out of this class, we advise you to attend a Handstand Basics before booking this class.


So you have the ability to kick into a handstand wherever and whenever you want. So what’s next? This class is about taking it to the next level. Come and learn how to create shapes, find movement in the handstand, build to a one arm and more.

This 90 minutes class is about developing the mobility in the shoulders and hips and the greater control and awareness to take your handstands further. Come join the upside down community!

In order to get the most out of this class you should already be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.


It’s hard to describe what this class entails, because movement at its rawest form is something we’ve all unfortunately lost touch with. We know of movement through mediums like sports, dance and basic human locomotion (the getting from point a to b), but we’re not adept at really going deep into our bodies and understanding what goes on at a very primal level.

There are very little words to describe this, because things at that base level are intuitive and hard to explain. We lose touch with that the older we get and the more we lock ourselves into patterns that define 21st century living. We idealize advanced movements like handstands, muscle ups. acrobatics and Olympic weightlifting, because complexity is sexy.

Move with Lorne is an exposure to concepts, drills and games that make people more capable in their own bodies. Is it the secret to eternal life? Perhaps not, but you might find out some secrets your body’s been hiding from you.



Telok Ayer | Robinson




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You’ve got places to be, things to do, people to see. We completely get it!
However, please note that there are limited spots in our classes and in order to value the time and energy of our trainers and fellow clients, we have a 12-hour cancellation policy in place.

So if your plans change prior, feel free to cancel out of your booked class without any implications. If you do miss the window, or do not show up, a class will unfortunately be deducted from your package as it could have gone to someone else.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym and on the mats!

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“Will come again!”

Eva was very attentive and I liked that she spent the time to correct posture and gave tips on how to do each workout better. The class pacing was good too. What I really loved from Level was the ability to do heavy weights in a small group setting: dead lifts, front squats etc. I enjoyed Eva’s class and will come again! 🙂 

– Sonia Kurniawan

“Good for beginners to learn technique
and for advanced students to add weight.”

Structure is good, we don’t rush into the workout. It’s good for both beginners to learn technique and advanced students to add more weight as we understand new techniques.

– Benjamin and Shumin

“Hurts so good.”

Working out at Level hurts so good. Totally worth the 7am wakeup call.



Even though it’s a fast class, George really watches out for your form.

– Kristina Coleman

“Great class structure and friendly trainers.”

I’ve been coming to Level for a few months now as I really like the structure of the classes and of course the friendly trainers here!

– Eileen


Just four words to describe a SWEAT class – Crazy. Fun. Sweaty. RELENTLESS.

– Client from FIT Summit

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