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Movement is a gift, and our Sweat classes allow you to get straight in on the action.

Sweat is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at its finest, and as the name suggests, bring a change of clothes.

Sweat classes are circuit style classes involving light weights and bodyweight movements in a HIIT format.

This class runs for 45 minutes, and is open to all levels.




If you’ve never stepped into a gym, this is a technique-focused class that will help you understand the language of movement: Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat.

Structure classes are fundamental movement classes where we teach you how to move with classic gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.

This class runs for 45 minutes, and is open to all levels.




Skill classes are aimed at bringing your physical skills in weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning to a level you’ve never dreamed of before. Skill classes make use of progressive strength and conditioning programs that build your body slowly but surely, and the best results are seen through commitment over time.

This class runs for 60 minutes. You must be able to do a STRUCTURE class comfortably before booking this class.

Skill (Lunge / Abs)



Skill (Lunge/Abs) brings your attention to the lunge as a complement to all the squatting and hinging you probably do on a regular basis. We know lunges suck, so we paired them with all the abdominal work, a bit like how goat’s cheese tastes better when it’s on pizza.

Like our other Skill classes, we’ll round out the combination with accessory movements, because what’s a goat’s cheese pizza without figs and honey?

This class runs for 60 minutes.

Skill (Hinge / Pull)



Skill (Hinge/Push) focuses on training hinging movements like the deadlift, together with pushing movements like push ups, bench presses or shoulder presses that progressively increase in volume and intensity every week.

In addition, we’ll also curate accessory movements to work on the smaller things that no one likes to do, but are essential for holistic strength and balance in your training program.

This class runs for 60 minutes.

Skill (Squat / Pull)



Skill (Squat/Pull) looks at the nuances of the squat, together with pulling movements like the pull up, barbell row or rope climb that progressively increase in volume and intensity every week.

We’ll throw in accessory movements that we think will balance out the Squat and Pull, so we don’t skimp on the small stuff that make the difference.

This class runs for 60 minutes.

Spartan Skill



Our Spartan Skill class is a 60 minute session where we go deep into the mechanics of the Skill portion of the Spartan race.

We’ll break down the levers behind crawling, rope climbs, monkey bars, grip and carries in a way that takes the guesswork out of your problem areas, so you can focus on what matters: the race.

This class runs for 60 minutes, and is led by George.

Calisthenics Skill



Our Calisthenics Skill class retains the mastery and consistency of our Skill classes with a higher focus on upper body strength and control.

This class meets you wherever you are in your Calisthenic journey and builds on it, bringing you closer to classic movements like the push-up and pull up, as well as developing more advanced skills like muscle ups, levers and planches.

This class runs for 60 minutes, and is led by Kenneth.


An entry point into the world of Olympic Weightlifting, the Weightlifting Fundamentals class teaches the biomechanics of the Pull portion common across the Snatch and Clean.

Learn how to create a base of strength and power for two of the world’s most explosive lifts by layering this with our two other Fundamentals Classes.



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We ask that you cancel at least 12 hours in advance should you be unable to make the class, as you not doing so will greatly affect someone else’s chance of attending the class.

If there is a late cancel or a no-show, the class credit will not be refunded.

If there are less than 2 pax, we reserve the right to cancel the class with 12 hours notice.


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