A ability to Press to Handstand is the case of knowing efficient drills and then having the patience, time and space to execute them.

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will learn ways to:

– compress the body

– understand the strength, flexibility and positioning required

– practice drills to achieve that press to handstand

Pre-requisites: a ten second handstand hold off the wall is required before joining this workshop.



Workshop Cost

$428 (includes GST)


Workshop Dates

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 6pm and Saturday 10am
(dates are flexible, please indicate your preference when registering your interest).
This workshop will start once we have 6 pax registered.


Workshop Instructor

This workshop led by movement specialist Lorne Peart.

A believer in taking life less seriously, Lorne advocates walking the walk before talking the talk.

A student of Ido Portal, Lorne’s training involves moving as elegantly and efficiently as possible, using mostly one’s bodyweight.

He incorporates fun into training, while also promoting a balance between work and rest.

Read more about Lorne on our blog: Coach Spotlight: Lorne Peart.


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“Lorne is not just a trainer, he is a fitness master.”

When you train with Lorne, he is teaching a craft of how to stay fit and strong for the rest of one’s life. From a handstand to the multiple variations of of push ups, whether you are looking to bulk up or seeking rehabilitation for any body part, he knows it all. He is sensitive and adapts to how one is feeling on any given day. His intuitive approach is something I have never experienced in the 15 years that I have trained with several personal trainers.

– Sukesh Singh


“Very useful tips on form and set up.”

Detailed and clear instructions, Thank you!


“Very good class. I am now straighter than ever A++”

Mr Lorne is well equipped to provide high quality instruction.


“I manage to be inverted by myself against a wall just in this first session. Super patient and encouraging.”

Lorne was awesome. Customized coaching for different levels of ability.  Come and have a try!


“Pace was relaxed while drills were focused and engaging.”

Great that Lorne appreciates and inculcates the philosophy of exploring different ways of doing one thing.



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Coach Spotlight: Lorne Peart

Coach Spotlight: Lorne Peart

If you’ve been around our Telok Ayer branch at lunchtime, you might have noticed a lone figure standing on his hands in the sun. We caught up with Lorne to ask him about his training, his take on movement, and what makes him tick.

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