Our clients come from various backgrounds and different levels of physical strength and fitness.

Each of them step into the gym with a different objective – some simply want to move better, others want to lift heavier.

But they all come in with a common purpose: to live better, train sustainably and stay injury-free.

Here are some of their stories:

I train so I can dance better

Adelene Stanley Cheah, 24, Dancer

As a freelance artist who does everything from performance dance to creative directing, Adelene is moving all the time. She has ballet and contemporary classes and rehearsals virtually everyday.

With Adelene, John developed a programme that would help her strengthen her back and legs – two areas she felt she was weaker in. For one, he introduced the one and one-quarter squats to build tension in her quads, which would help her improve her jumps.

As a wealth manager, Arjun spends most of his time sitting at a desk. Outside the office though, Arjun loves a good game of squash. It was with the goal of getting stronger and preventing injury that he started working with his personal trainer Jeff.

Jeff developed a customised training programme to help Arjun build core rotation strength and included exercises that would help him activate his glutes and hamstrings.  This programme was specifically designed to help improve Arjun’s weekly squash games. 

I train so I can win my squash games

Arjun Raghavan,  44, Partner in Investment Firm

We train so we can improve our mobility

Mr and Mrs Xie, 55 and 50

When Julie Xie decided to start personal training at Level, she convinced her parents to join her as well. She thought it’d be good for them to build some strength so that they could lead a more active lifestyle as a family.

Douglas customised a personal training programme that predominantly involved isometric holds and slow descends. The slow tempo of each exercise was targeted at helping them improve their motor control skills, which ultimately help in building overall stability.

As someone with scoliosis and SI joint issues, Shu Ting wanted to engage in strength training to help prevent injury and let her maintain a pain-free yoga practice in the long haul. 

Alex Salihin crafted a personal training programme that involved exercises requiring a lot of motor control and body weight movements, to help her understand how to use her body.

I train so I can practice yoga pain free

Wee Shu Ting, 35, Yoga Instructor 

I train so I can build muscle and get stronger

Clarence Lim, 28, Event Planner

A regular at Level – Clarence has attending Skill and Sweat classes for almost 2 years. However, he had never tried personal training until 2 months ago, when he started working with John Cheah. His goal was to gain muscle mass and strength. 

A diet and nutrition consultation showed that Clarence was under-consuming calories by 600 kcal, which he needed to fix if he wanted to gain mass.  And, by teaching him the right breathing technique, John was able to help Clarence raise his deadlift record from 60kg to 102kg. Not only did it make him much stronger, the programme also made him more open to new exercises and helped him grow in confidence.

Erica has pretty much been an athlete her whole life, so she was never quite a stranger to the gym nor struggled with a push-up. However, she came to Level wanting something that would help her improve her technique – her goal was to strengthen her deadlift and her pull-ups.

John customised a personal training programme that placed great emphasis on tempo, which helped to improve Erica’s technique and control. Exercises like back squats and the snatch balance helped to build up her Olympic weightlifting snatch technique.

I train so I can lift heavy

Erica Tenggara, 27, Yoga Instructor 

I train so I can play soccer

Jordi Chiu, 37, Hedge Fund Manager

Jordi started personal training with the goal of preventing injury during his soccer games. He also wanted to increase muscle mass and increase strength in his posterior chain.

Jeff Chuang, his personal trainer developed a personalised programme for Jordi, with bi-weekly session focussing on compound lifts and unilateral movements.

Sheranne had undergone a spinal fusion surgery 10 years ago. Ever since, she’s been struggling with the pain everyday. She knew she had to build strength in her back, but didn’t know where to start. 

Keeping her back surgery in mind, John created an exercise regime that taught Sheranne how to use her posterior chain and upper back, starting off with exercises like the good morning and goblet squats. In just 6 weeks, she now feels stronger with less pain in her back.

I train so I can strengthen my back

Sheranne Wong,  30, Yoga Instructor

I train so I can perform better on the rugby field

Matthew Coleman, 28

Matthew used to play rugby for leisure. Unfortunately, the pain in his right knee and lower back took him out of the sport 2 years ago.

When he moved to Singapore in July, he started personal training sessions with Alex Salihin. Matthew wanted to train the way he used to and squat and deadlift like he did in the past. More importantly, he wanted to be pain-free.

A boxing instructor at Uppercut Boxing, Barbara has been working with Alex Salihin to build her overall strength, reduce body fat and gain muscle mass. She was also hoping to strengthen her back after she suffered a lower back injury from Muay Thai back in 2017.

In the last 9 months, Barbara has seen vast improvements in her overall strength. She can now back squat 68kg and complete 3 reps of deadlifts at 72kg. She has also developed a stronger core and can hold a Copenhagen plank for 30 seconds.

I train so I can box better

Barbara Latimer, 28, Boxing Instructor

I train so I can chase my Olympic dream

Cheryl Teo, 20, National Sailor

Cheryl is a national sailor and has represented Singapore at the 2018 Asian Games and 2017 SEA Games (where she brought home a gold medal). She is training to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and has been working hard in the gym.

To keep her at the top of her game, John developed a 10-week programme that would allow Cheryl to strengthen her latissimus dorsi muscles, as she needs to use a variety of pulling movements on the boat.

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