Strength and Conditioning for Climbers

How do I build climbing-specific strength in the gym?

How do I use the hangboard to its fullest potential during my sessions?

How do I start thinking about integrating the work I do in the gym with the techniques I use on the wall?


Strength and Conditioning for Climbers, a workshop by Level x PEAK Training Lab, supported by Boulder Movement, aims to harmonise the elements of Climbing and Strength and Conditioning to get you better at both!

We’ve gone deep into the science so you don’t have to, and we’ve broken the big chunks into concepts that you can apply to your practice immediately.

All participants will receive a goodie bag with the following:

Finger extensor trainers – $15
Boulder Movement  – $98 enrolment waiver
Level – 10% off any classpack + thermal waterbottle
PEAK – 15% off S&C training & assessments (climbing and other sports) & for Facility Rental (Self training, hangboard available here)

23rd Oct  – Workshop
30th Oct – Climbing Session at Boulder Movement

$270 early bird discount (before 2 Oct)
$300 full price
Prices are inclusive of GST



Dylan Soh

Dylan is the founder of Peak Training Lab, and a Strength and Conditioning coach in the Singapore Sports Institute. He completed his BSc (Exercise and Sports Science) from the University of Edith Cowan and was previously awarded top of cohort in PSB Academy’s diploma program (Sport and Exercise Science). He is a Category II referee for the International Powerlifting Federation and an avid climber.

Dylan works with a wide range of clients: from athletes to dancers, moms and busy professionals. He firmly believes in a scientific and evidence based approach to sporting performance and physical development.

John Cheah

John is a full-time coach at Level Singapore where he teaches his students how to move well and live life without pain through the medium of strength and conditioning.

In a past life, John was an actor, dancer and musician, and has worked with theatre companies, schools and bands as a multidisciplinary performer both locally and internationally.

John is more recently known for his time as a former national athlete in the sport of Weightlifting, where he still holds the national records in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Total in the 96kg bodyweight category.

John has proven his excellence across vastly different forms of human movements, and now helps others do the same.

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