Our Barbell club focuses on increasing technical proficiency in the snatch and the clean and jerk within a small group setting.

Because of the progressive and personal nature of your experience with these lifts, we recommend those interested to commit to at least 10 sessions.

The Barbell club is led by Coach Wu ChuanFu, former coach of the Singapore Weightlifting Team.




If you have always wanted to try Olympic Weightlifting, here’s your chance. This is a one day Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners Workshop to introduce you to the world of weightlifting. Learn the basics of how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk in a small group setting with Coach Wu Chuan Fu.

Dates: Sunday, 12 November
Time: 1pm – 3pm

Price: $216 (includes 8% GST)

Note: Workshop will only run with a minimum of 4 pax.



Day 1 is aimed at improving physical and movement awareness.

We’ll be running through exercises that help you understand these aspects of your body. These body awareness drills will help you learn to control specific impulses and be aware of things your body needs to fire when we transfer it to actual weightlifting drills.

The ability to stay conscious through movement is directly proportional to the level at which you perform each exercise, and this helps us also reduce the injury potential when techniques get more complicated.

Day 2: First pull and extension

Where does the force come from? How do we produce, harness and control power?

The single movement of the snatch and clean is made up of several parts, chiefly the first pull and extension. The mastery of these initial phases is extremely important, as the subsequent components of the lift will then depend on the individual’s centre of gravity and how they draw from this initial power.

Dates: TBD (please email us to indicate interest)

Pre-Requisites: Must have completed Workshop Level 1
Capacity: 8 pax

Cost: $267.50 (early bird pricing)
$321 (regular pricing)

Email reception@level.com.sg to indicate interest.


Coach Wu ChuanFu is a former member of the Chinese national weightlifting team and the former head coach of the Singapore Weightlifting Federation.

Coach Wu has literally taught hundreds of lifters the art of weightlifting, spent thousands of hours practicing and analyzing the sport to the last detail.

Coach Wu believes in the education of weightlifting as an art form, emphasizing fluidity and control.

Read more about Coach Wu on our blog: Coach Spotlight: Wu Chuan Fu



  • Head Coach, Singapore Weightlifting Federation
  • Head Coach, SWF
  • Head Coach, Weightlifting Team of Malaysia, Malacca (2007-2009)
  • Weightlifting Team China (1996-2005)
  • Guangdong Province Sports Technical College (1995-2006)


Sporting Achievements

  • 1994 Fujian Province Competition – 42Kg Category (1st Place) Category (2nd Place)
  • 1997 Migrated To Guangdong. Joined The Guangdong Weightlifting Team, By Invitation Of Guangdong Sports Team
  • 1997 Guangdong Juniors – 59Kg Category (1st Place)
  • 1998 Guangdong Seniors Competition 64Kg Category (1st Place)
  • 1999 China Under-21 Nationals – 62Kg Category. Snatch-132 Kg (2nd Place), Clean & Jerk -157 Kg (3rd Place), Total (2nd Place
  • 2000 China Nationals, 62Kg Category. Snatch-137Kg (2nd Place), Clean & Jerk – 167 Kg (2nd Place), Total (2nd Place)
  • 2004 China Nationals, 69Kg Category. Snatch-150Kg, Clean & Jerk – 185 Kg. Total (2nd Place
  • 2005 China Nationals GAMES, 69Kg Category. Snatch-147 Kg, Clean & Jerk 175 Kg (5th Place)


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“Coach Wu’s attention to detail is unmatched and his knowledge far supersedes that of any other coach I have ever met.”

Coach Wu has been training me in the Olympic lifts for the past 6 months. I went from not knowing how to overhead squat with very limited mobility to a 80kg Snatch PR in 3 months.

His attention to detail is unmatched and his knowledge far supersedes that of any other coach I have ever met or seen in the fitness industry. Looking forward to many more sessions and perhaps a competition soon.

– Max Galser


“Coach Wu is definitely one of the best weightlifting teacher I’ve ever had.”

I travelled from Hong Kong to see Coach Wu at Level Robinson to improve my Olympic Weightlifting. I had such a great time learning from Coach Wu – he was very patient and understands how difficult it can be for one to change some bad lifting habits.

Level Robinson Road is a beautiful facility. It never felt crowded at the gym. Brand new Eleiko bars and plates. Highly recommended.

– Annie Hon


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