Personal training has a lot to offer to kids and teens.

Not only can it improve their health and fitness, it can also be a lot of fun.

Personal Training for Kids

Learn to exercise with the correct form


From age 7-12, children should start to learn how to refine their motor control and athletic skills.

Good movement patterns and learning to execute exercises with the correct form will set a solid foundation for your child to avoid injury and excel in physical activities or sports.

Personal Training for Teens - Build Strength

Build muscle and increase strength


From age 13, puberty begins and hormonal changes allow teens to start to build muscle. Weight training can help to strengthen your child’s muscles and tendons and improve bone density.

Studies have shown that teens who work with weights reduce their risk of sports injuries by half. Our personal trainers will work with your child to incorporate suitable weights that are safe and appropriate for their bodyweight.

Improve Coordination for Sports

Improve coordination for sport


Movement drills can help to improve mobility and teach your child better body awareness – which will translate into improved coordination on the sports field.

For those looking to improve their sports performance, our personal trainers can help to develop balance, speed, agility and stamina.


Improve Focus and Discipline

Develop focus and discipline


Aerobic or strength training exercise teach kids how to focus their attention during demanding tasks. This can even translate into the academic classroom — researchers have found that as little as 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise at 60 percent of maximum heart rate improves academic performance in children.

A well structured fitness programme will teach your child how maintain a regular exercise schedule, setting the foundations for developing a lifelong habit for a healthy and active lifestyle.




Personal Training for Kids - Motivation and Mental Health

Stay motivated, improve self esteem and mental health


Our personal trainers will provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to keep your child motivated through their workouts.

With improved fitness, strength, coordination and physique, parents tend to see noticeable results in their child’s self esteem and social behaviour.


Let us take you to a whole new level.


“I feel extremely pleased with my progress. I feel so much more confident and well prepared out in the water knowing that I am getting stronger in the gym.”


I was exposed to exercises that I don’t normally do, such as rope pull-ups, which I had never attempted before. I found them more relevant to what I would do out at sea, as compared to normal bar pull-ups. have gained so much knowledge with regards to activating the right muscle groups.


– Cheryl Teo, National Sailor, SEA Games Gold Medalist


Personal Training rates begin at $140 (before GST) per session for 1-on-1 sessions.

Couple training and small group training options are also available.
Please enquire for details.


WORTH $140

During your complimentary personal training trial session, your coach will go through a fitness and lifestyle assessment, to understand your current fitness level, health conditions, injuries, nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

If you decide to embark on your fitness journey with us, all our personal training clients get an individualised training program along with nutrition and lifestyle suggestions.



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Schedule Your Free Personal Training Session

To make sure this is the right place for you, come in for a free personal training session.
During this session, our trainers will do a physical and lifestyle assessment to assess your movement patterns, diet, nutrition and sleep.
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