Strength Training is the best life insurance

The best life insurance you can get


Your bone density starts to decline at 40, then more sharply at 50. The same effect is true for the muscle mass in your body.

Studies have shown that resistance training is of paramount importance as you get older, as it not only prevents the loss of muscle and bone, but increases the mass and density of both over time, reducing injury and dysfunction.

At Level, we’ll teach you how to be more agile, how to use your core muscles effectively and how to strengthen joints so you can avoid injury and live fearlessly.

Life doesn't have to slow down

Life doesn’t have to slow down as you get older


We help you train functional movements such as the lunge, push, pull, hinge, twist and squat so you can go out and live your own adventures.

Carry your own luggage, climb up and down the staircase of a moving bus, or outrun your grandkids because you want to, and because you can.

Start with little wins, like being able to get out of bed more easily or not panting after a single flight of stairs, then dream bigger.

Gain confidence

Gain the confidence to approach life the way you want to


Maybe there’s a mountain you’d like to climb, a sport you’d like to try playing, or grandchildren you’d like to help take care of.

Maybe there’s a place you’d like to visit or an activity you wish you could join in but are conservative about what your body can handle.

Strength training gives you the tools to do these things you always wished you could, and we’ll provide the roadmap to help you actualize it.

Let us take you to a whole new level.


Personal Training rates begin at $140 (before GST) per session for 1-on-1 sessions.

Couple training and small group training options are also available.
Please enquire for details.


WORTH $140

During your complimentary personal training trial session, your coach will go through a fitness and lifestyle assessment, to understand your current fitness level, health conditions, injuries, nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

If you decide to embark on your fitness journey with us, all our personal training clients get an individualised training program along with nutrition and lifestyle suggestions.



ACSA Level 1
Personal Trainer

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Valerie Chia

ACE Certified
Personal Trainer

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Physiology (BA)
Personal Trainer

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Meet other senior clients who have worked with our personal trainers to get strong!

Schedule Your Free Personal Training Session

To make sure this is the right place for you, come in for a free personal training session.
During this session, our trainers will do a physical and lifestyle assessment to assess your movement patterns, diet, nutrition and sleep.
Learn more about us, meet our trainers, and experience our facilities before you commit. 

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