Developed to the highest standards of personal training, our one-on-one sessions are individually customized training regimes, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal training at Level is just that – personal


There’s no one-programme-fits-all approach here.

At Level, we approach exercise and fitness at a functional level.

You’ll find that your personal trainer starts by getting to know you – your hopes, your fitness goals, your perceived limitations and your needs – before they even begin to formulate a programme for you.

Functional training designed to make you move and live better


When you join us at Level, we design your personal training programme to incorporate the daily movements you need to make – so that working out becomes relevant to your lifestyle.

Whether you are a stay home mom, a desk-bound banker, a yoga teacher or an athlete hoping to qualify for the Olympics, we will tailor your exercise programme to help you achieve your goals at a pace that you can manage.

We go beyond instruction


Your personal trainer will not only be there to push you beyond the imaginary limits you set for yourself, they will ensure that you perform each movement correctly and safely, keeping in mind your body’s physical limitations as well as past and current injuries.

They’ll make sure you understand why you are doing each movement and how it will help you.

This way, you will be able to train sustainably and stay injury free.

You’ll find friends for life here


Level is a place where friendships are forged. Our members love the sense of community, the fact that working out here is not threatening or pretentious, that there is a sense of calm and that the trainers really care.

We’re a place where everyone is welcome and no one is judged.

We look forward to having you join our community and to spurring you on to achieve your personal goals.

Ultimately, it’s about leading your best life


Quite simply, the quality of your health determines the quality of your life. 

We are not interested in short-term transformation or in comparing one person’s progress to another’s.

We are committed to getting you to be the best version of yourself.

We focus on strengthening and conditioning your body and mind so that exercise becomes simply part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life. 


Let us take you to a whole new level.


Personal Training rates begin at $130 per session.
Please enquire for Remote Coaching rates.



“Having access to Alex’s programming is one of the few things keeping me sane during these (lockdown) times.”

Far more than just staying active, Alex has tailored a program such that I am still working towards my fitness goals.  Where many things are uncertain right now, having my fitness sorted and taken care of is a huge relief. The programming is easy to follow and Alex has been really accessible as a coach whenever I have questions.

I love that the workouts and varied, so I am never bored, despite just having limited workout equipment at home.”

– Jasmine Chua


“I have continued to work with Alex via his new remote coaching proposition due to the circuit breaker restrictions and found this to be working really well. I am continuing to see/feel the benefits without much drop in intensity”

I have worked with Alex and Level for six months now under the SGID program, which I found to be a unique proposition in the market in Singapore, in that combines the benefits of a structured and guided personal program with on site supervision but with out the costs of personal training. This has really worked for me. I have continued to work with Alex via his new remote coaching proposition due to the circuit breaker restrictions and found this to be working really well. From guidance on how to obtain basic equipment, to detailed weekly exercise sessions with video demos, to frequent feedback loops, I think this is as good as remote training can get. I must confess that we switched to remote coaching on 1st April, I was not sure how well this would work but I am continuing to see/feel the benefits without much drop in intensity.

– Shivkumar Seerapu

Enjoy a complimentary Personal Training session

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To make sure this is the right place for you we provide a complimentary personal training session for us to learn about your current exercise program, lifestyle, fitness goals, and for you to experience our facilities.