(updated 1 Sep 2020)



Dear clients and friends,

A reminder of our house rules to announce in view of the outbreak of coronavirus.

1) Please do not come to the space if you are sick or not feeling well and see a doctor. For the safety of our crew and members, we will not hesitate to ask you to leave the space if you appear to be unwell!

2) Please scan the SafeEntry codes at the entrances of the gym and have your temperature taken temperature by our reception staff before entering the gym. We respectfully reserve the right to turn away clients with temperatures greater than 37.5 degrees celsius.Our coaches will be wearing masks throughout the session, and our floors will be clearly marked to demarcate your useable space.

3) From 19 June 2020, class sizes will be limited to 5 pax per class. Because of the reduced class size, we ask that you cancel at least 12 hours in advance should you be unable to make the class, as you not doing so will greatly affect someone else’s chance of attending the class. If there is a no-show, we will strike an additional class (including the one you missed) from your package as a deterrent measure (so that’s two classes we’ll strike off).

4) If an individual is on a Level Membership, a late cancel or no-show will result in advance-booking privileges being stripped for the next 7 days. Classes will still be open, but access will be limited to same-day bookings only (for the 7 day penalty period).

5) If there are insufficient people to make up a class (less than 2 pax), we reserve the right to cancel the class with 12 hours notice.

6) Wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER all classes and personal training sessions. You can also find bottles of hand sanitisers at the reception and the locker area. Please feel free to use them when you go in and out of the space!

7) We have placed some disinfectant sprays on the shelves where the foam rollers are. These are to be used for a wipe down of equipment after every class. Our team will do our best to ensure things are disinfected but we kindly ask that you disinfect and clean any equipment you’ve used either before or after class.

8) There are to be no more than 16 persons at 137 Telok Ayer and 20 persons at 14 Robinson Road at any time.

9) Our coaches will be wearing masks throughout the session, and our floors will be clearly marked to demarcate your useable space. Please maintain 2 metres apart throughout your training session for social distancing.

We thank you for your understanding in this time. Let’s all do our part to ensure our community stay healthy and safe at LEVEL.