Pre Natal Physiological Changes Occur

Physiological changes occur during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a magical time but there are physiological changes that occur during pregnancy that cause problems for women.

This can result in discomfort or back pain caused by poor posture or poor core engagement.

Well designed pre natal post natal personal training programme

A well designed programme can help mitigate problems 


Most women are able to exercise safely during their pregnancy.

Regular exercise can help to strengthen the back and the core abdominal muscles, and prevent excessive weight gain.



Post Natal Personal Training Programme

Our post-partum personal training programme helps new moms lose pregnancy weight and regain strength


After giving birth, new moms can suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles or diastasis recti.

Our personal trainers can help you work through any postnatal issues, get back your pre-baby shape, lose weight and regain strength.

Experienced and Certified Post Natal Personal Trainers

Our certified, experienced coaches are here to guide you


Extra care needs to be taken when designing a fitness programme that is safe for both you and your baby

Our expert trainers, certified in pre/post natal training will incorporate the necessary modifications so that you can train safely, stay fit and remain pain free before and after pregnancy.

So you can lead your best life

Ultimately, it’s about being in your best shape, for yourself and your baby


Clients who maintain a regular and well-designed exercise programme lose pregnancy weight and regain their shape faster.

They are able to lift their baby up without injuring themselves, or squat over a bath with any back pain.

We are committed to getting you to be the best version of yourself.

We focus on strengthening and conditioning your body and mind so that exercise becomes simply part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life. 


Let us take you to a whole new level.


Personal Training rates begin at $140 (before 8% GST) per session for 1-on-1 sessions.

Couple training and small group training options are also available.
Please enquire for details.



WORTH $140

During this complimentary  personal training trial session, your coach will go through a fitness and lifestyle assessment, to understand your current fitness level, health conditions, injuries, stress, sleep and dietary habits.

If you decide to embark on your fitness journey with us, all our personal training clients get an individualised training program along with nutrition and lifestyle suggestions.


Meet other women who do pre natal and post natal personal training at Level


Krystle Theseira

AFPA Certified
Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

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Girls Gone Strong Certified
Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

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John Cheah

Girls Gone Strong Certified
Pre/Post Natal Personal

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Su-Jean Lam

Functional Fitness for Pregnancy
and Post Partum Certified

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Schedule Your Free Personal Training Session

To make sure this is the right place for you, come in for a free personal training session.
During this session, our trainers will do a physical and lifestyle assessment to assess your movement patterns, diet, nutrition and sleep.
Learn more about us, meet our trainers, and experience our facilities before you commit. 



“I wanted to recover to my pre-pregnancy fitness levels. My training is focused mainly on re-establishing my core and overall strength.”

“Straight after giving birth, it was hard to even lift my bum off the floor. Pregnancy had weakened my core, and I also experienced back pain, with a constant sciatica pinch due to an inflamed nerve in my SI / sacroiliac joint.

I wanted to recover to my pre-pregnancy fitness levels. My training is focused mainly on re-establishing my core and overall strength. I wanted to work with an experienced trainer who had experience training athletes and fitness professionals and started personal training sessions with John Cheah.

I did not think a female trainer would do a better job than John. I never doubted John’s ability to coach post-partum. Training at Level is different because John has proven himself as a trainer who actually knows his stuff.”

– Jamie Victoria Guna
(read more about Jamie’s experience training post-partum at Level)



“I wanted to be able to lift my baby in the correct manner without injury, and prevent aches and pains during pregnancy.” 

“I started pre-partum personal training in January 2020, at my fourth month of pregnancy with Level trainer Eva who was also pregnant at the time. My goal shifted to training safely and working with a qualified prenatal trainer – which lead me to Eva. Eva understood what I was going through because she was also going through a pregnancy at the same time. This allowed us to connect on a totally different level.

When my baby arrived in July 2020, I resumed her post-partum personal training with Eva as soon as I got the go-ahead from my doctor, ten weeks after the birth. Resuming training after pregnancy was the best decision I made for myself. Not only did I lose the 9kg pregnancy weight, I also noticed the ease with which I could stand up from a low stool with Sofia in my arms after a bath, something my husband struggled to do. Training has taught me to engage the right muscles while squatting or picking up heavy objects.

I love my gym time – which is just that little “me time”, which you need as a new mom. I come back energised and invigorated to get back to time with my baby and work.”

– Sheetal Pritmani
(read more about Sheetal’s experience training pre and post partum at Level)



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