Seniors Workshop with Thrive Healthcare

This Grandparents Day, we’re teaming up with Thrive Healthcare to run a workshop for our seniors.

The only thing harder than getting yourself into the gym is getting your parents to start thinking about building strength that helps them in their later years.

“I Train So I Can” rings even more true for this demographic, because functional strength is a currency that most elderly have not thought of investing in. Even now, we complain of aching joints and a decline in the ability to do things we used to do with ease.


What We Will Cover

  • Myths about ageing and functional fitness
  • Warmup incorporating main domains of exercise for balance, agility, flexibility, strength, mobility
  • Learn a lift (e.g. Deadlift, Backsquats)
  • Workout
  • Wrap up and cool down



Led by Mel, a physiotherapist trained in geriatric care and Phil, a strength and conditioning coach trained in health coaching for seniors, this workshop seeks to dispel myths about ageing and functional fitness and teach exercises that incorporate skills like balance, agility, flexibility, strength and mobility, while engaging participants in a hands-on discovery session about what their bodies can do.



Date: 13 Nov 2022
Time: 9-11am
Location: 14 Robinson



$31.70 before 1 November (Early Bird Discount)
$42.80 after 1 November

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