Are you looking to improve your mobility and strength?


We are running weekly classes designed specifically for seniors aged 60 and above. In these classes, we focus on three vital aspects:

  • fall prevention
  • mobility
  • strength training

We’ll explain why these areas are crucial for maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle as we age.

We’ll show you how to improve balance, a key element in preventing falls. We’ll also teach you techniques to confidently get up from the floor and navigate obstacles effortlessly. Understanding which muscles are important to train is crucial for maintaining strength and agility. We’ll guide you through exercises specifically tailored for seniors. We will demonstrate how to build strength gradually and safely, helping you regain confidence in your daily activities.




FAB FAM Functional Strength
(Fit & Able, Bone & Muscle)

Be part of our family whilst combating the effects of sarcopenia! Our functional fitness program is designed to optimise muscle & bone mass profiles, which science has shown to effectively manage frailty, improve ADL engagement, and even manage chronic pain. Beginners and veterans are equally welcomed, as our coach tailors resistance levels to each individual in our small group setting.

Monday, 10am at 137 Telok Ayer


PACER Seniors Fitness
(Proprioception, Agility, Cognitive, Endurance, Response time)

As we age, our balance, gait and response time takes a hit – which can increase falls risks. Our PACER class is designed to improve movement in various anatomical planes, whilst working on stabilising muscles to improve postural strength and proprioception. Participants are recommended to attend FAB FAM classes to continuously build on pillars of strength, which complement the dynamic movements of PACER! We’ll even include elements of cardiovascular fitness to give your body, mind and heart a fulfilling session.

Friday, 10am at 137 Telok Ayer


Sign up for these classes, where you will learn effective strategies to enhance your mobility and prevent injuries.




This class is led by coaches Phil and Farrah.


Senior Starters Pack: $60 for 4 sessions 
(One purchase each, for new clients only)

$250 for 10 sessions

All rates are before 9% GST

Purchase your class packs here.



Seniors who strength train: From struggling with a bag of groceries to deadlifting 50kg – Straits Times, Jan 2023 | PDF

The Life List: Tips on lifting weights safely for seniors – Straits Times, Jan 2023 | PDF



“It was a very good session we learnt about good posture and functional fitness.”

Our children signed us up. It’s very important as you get older. We need to exercise regularly. Today’s session was fun and the group size was just nice.

– Wee Lee and Ah Mee (65 years)

“The session was good!”

I exercise six days a week – walking, cycling, swimming – but I have not done strength training before. Cardio is very easy for everyone, strength training less so. It is good to learn the techniques of strength training and which muscles to use. Also the functional use behind each exercise.

– Paul (72 years)

“The instructor was very friendly and helpful. It was very interesting to learn the right technique!”

Normally when we exercise at home, we do very chin chai. We were not scared of the weights and the rowing machine was very fun! We learnt something new today!

– Jasminah (62 years), Abdul Aziz (68 years), Rohana (66 years)

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