Kettlebell – 12kg


Professional Grade Kettlebells have the same dimensions and handles as the weight increases which allows you to progress to heavier weights without having to adjust the technique continually.

Rust-proof Handles. Stainless steel handles because in Singapore’s humid weather, rust proof kettlebells are a must have.  It is recommended to wipe the handles with a dry cloth after every workout.

Textured Handles. The handles now come sand-blasted with a textured surface, which provides better grip and adherence of chalk to stay on the handles for longer sets.

Competition Dimensions. These kettlebells conform to competition standards, and will be a good tool either for sport development or fitness training.

Self collection at 14 Robinson Road. Delivery can be arranged but delivery cost to be borne by buyer. Email us at reception@level.com.sg after purchase to arrange.

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