Want to train for the 2023 Spartan Race and need more practice with ropes and monkey bars?
Sign up for one-on-one or small group personal training sessions and let our trainers teach you the best techniques to master these obstacles.

$140 before GST for one-on-one personal training
$55 before GST per pax for group of 4 personal training

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LEVEL X Spartan is a 10-week training program from the 10th of June till the Spartan Race on the 19th of August.



Good things take time, and we’re using this runway to build upon 4 key areas of fitness that are essential to the race: Grip, Plyometric Power, Strength and Endurance.

We’ll be testing movements that correspond to these traits on weeks 1, 4 and 9, and dedicate the rest of the weeks to building upon these skills.



We’re holding the Spartan Training sessions three times a week and we highly recommend coming to all of them for best results.

Dates: 10 June to 19 August

Tuesday, 6:45pm at Fort Canning (with coaches Jon and Val)
Thursday, 7:30pm at 14 Robinson (with coaches Jon and Val)
Sunday, 11:00am  at 14 Robinson (with coach Jonah)

How it works: 
Attend as many sessions as you like during the 10 week period.

This 10-week block is open to a maximum of 24 people.



This will cost $470 for unlimited classes during the 10 week period and includes a Level X Spartan tee shirt. (Note: this does not include the race ticket).

Early bird pricing: $420 (valid until 31 of May)



“Level Spartan Training was a great introduction for me as a newbie to the spartan race”

“It is a full body workout with an emphasis on workouts that relate to what is needed to complete the spartan obstacles. It is also a great place to meet other people who are novice and veterans to the spartan race!”


“I have pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone I don’t even remember where the boundaries used to be.”

“I joined the spartan program in Level not knowing whether I could actually finish the race. I was never a sporty person in my life.  I have pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone I don’t even remember where the boundaries used to be.”


“The program was well designed and coaches are incredible.”

“I was always supported and encouraged by the fellow Spartans. I’m taking the chance to celebrate my new strength and to thank the amazing supportive community I’ve met in Level.”


“Training sessions were always productive, efficient and tailored to my progress”

“I joined the Spartan training in 2019 to improve my fitness. New variations were introduced to my workouts to ensure that my body was constantly challenged. It is also a great way of meeting fun, new people. I can’t wait to start training again for the next race.”

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