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Dylan is the technical director at Powerlifting Singapore and a strength and conditioning coach for the Singapore Sports Institute. He works with a wide range of clients: from dancers to athletes to moms and busy professionals. Dylan also has an extensive knowledge of the human body.

Dylan is highly passionate, goal driven and meticulous in his pursuits. He firmly believes in scientific based approach to athlete’s development and the fitness industry.



  • ASCA 1 (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • JTTA (Japan Top Trainer Association)
  • BSS (SIngapore Basic Sport Science)
  • First Aid + AED (SERA)
  • Powerlifting Singapore Technical Director and National Referee
  • 10 years of experience as a personal trainer (since 2009)


Sporting Achievements

  • Badminton Team Captain – Nan Chiau High (2001-2004)
  • Inter-Unit Team Champion (ATI)
  • Inter-Formation Hockey Team Member (Armor)
  • PA CERT Strongman Team
  • SG Titans Powerlifting Team


Coaching Achievement (includes but not limited to)

  • SPA 2016, Female U52kg, First Place
  • SPO 2017, Female U57, Runner Up
  • SPO 2017, Female Best Female Lifter, 1st Runner Up
  • SPO 2017, Male Masters 120+, First Place
  • VPO 2017, Female Best Female Lifter, 1st Runner Up
  • IPF Worlds 2017, Male Sub Junior U59, 2nd Runner Up Deadlifts
  • SPI 2017, Female U57, First Place
  • SPI 2017, Best Female Lifter, First Place
  • SPI 2017, Male Sub junior U83, First Place
  • TOS 2018, Best Female Lifter, First Place


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Testimonials for Dylan Soh

“Dylan was knowledgeable and has aided the rehabilitation of my shoulder.”

I went to Dylan for strength and conditioning 3 months post shoulder surgery after a rugby injury. I lost a lot of physical strength after my operation and wanted to get back on track quickly. He worked around my injury and has gotten me stronger. I’ve recently been cleared by my physician for contact. Dylan and I are working next to get back me back into games and more. I will highly recommend serious athletes to consider training with him, be it to perform better physically or to get back to sports post injury.

– Senjoo Khong


“If you told me five months ago that I can lift 70 kg, I wouldn’t believe you. But today I can!”

Dylan helped me ease my way into working out. He went at the pace that I was comfortable and pushed me slowly to do more and more and to push myself to new limits. Dylan ensures that I perform each exercise and manoeuvre correctly, so as not to sustain injury and engage the muscle group correctly.

Training with Dylan is like spending an hour with a friend, we chat and laugh and the whole time get a great work out!

– Xante Toh


“Personal training sessions with Dylan are a worthwhile investment for myself.”

The key message I’ve picked up from Dylan over the past 3 months is sustainability. Sustainability is emphasised through Dylan’s meticulous attention to form (meticulous perhaps being an understatement). This message flows through to the adjustments he recommends for dietary changes, with satiation and not deprivation as the key. 

I also appreciate the firm encouragement and Dylan’s keen appreciation of the balance between challenge and depletion. This comes through in his sharing of the analysis of the objectives of the exercises. His instructions are clear and very precise and the modifications and increments carefully tailored to my capacity and just a bit more.

Personal training sessions with Dylan are a worthwhile investment for myself. I enjoy learning, challenging myself (just a bit at a time) and surprising myself with what I can do.

– Megan Chia


“I have had the fortune to train with Dylan for some time now and can not recommend him enough. 

Training with Dylan has been an eye opening and fun experience as he is clearly extremely knowledgeable and well versed in a huge variety of exercises and the scientific basis behind each of them. This ensures that each session  is effective,  targeted and results-oriented.

Dylan also never fails to keep training sessions upbeat and positive even when I am tired and coming from a long day at work! This is not to say that he does not push me to strive for my personal bests – rather, Dylan is able to break down a gruelling workout into manageable portions and also knows when to maintain the pace and when to adjust a workout if I am simply too exhausted that day.

I also greatly appreciate that Dylan is able to understand my goals and has kept me accountable by encouraging me to work toward these goals in a holistic manner and in feasible, progressive stages.

– Shin Hui


“10/10 will recommend Dylan to everyone as he is versatile and can adapt to clients with different backgrounds!”

Dylan has made it a very comfortable experience training with him. He has been mindful of my well being beyond the gym, and it helps when he adjusts to my ability to perform on different days! 

I’ve gotten stronger and feel that with his guidance, I have become more mindful of my lifting technique and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten stronger and better with my compound lifts.

– Junie Lim

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