Evadne Woon


Pre- / Post-Natal Personal Trainer, Singapore

A keen sportswoman since young, Eva discovered that adding strength training to her repertoire enabled her to have more endurance and to recover faster from injuries.

She believes that one should exercise because it makes you feel good and happy, and it shouldn’t become a chore. “If you make exercise and fitness part of your lifestyle and you will enjoy it.”


Pre- / Post-Natal Coaching

Eva has extended her personal training repertoire to include pre-/post-natal coaching, providing support for her pregnant clients or clients who have given birth.

This includes helping to tailor their fitness journey so that it ties into their new lifestyle of being a mum, supporting them physically, mentally and emotionally on this journey, and provide answers and a listening ear about everything — from how to exercise safely in each trimester to why they may be leaking urine when they jump or squat.

Eva has completed her certification as a Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Specialist with Girls Gone Strong, the world’s most comprehensive, evidence-based, interdisciplinary pre- and postnatal certification.

As a new mom herself, Eva brings her personal experience and the skills and knowledge needed to confidently & effectively train women at every stage of pregnancy.



  • Pre & Post-natal Certified Coach with Girls Gone Strong



Sporting Achievements

  • Represented Korea in WUGC in Italy 2014 for Ultimate Frisbee

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Testimonials for Evadne Woon


“My post partum recovery has been incredible and I believe that has much to do with the training during the pregnancy. From lifting my baby, to my squats to pick her up, I just feel stronger.”

I can’t thank Eva enough for training me throughout my pregnancy. It was something I looked forward to every week. It was so reassuring to have someone who could make sure I was doing things safely and the session was customized to me personally. It kept my physical and emotional strength flowing the whole time. My post partum recovery has been incredible and I believe that has much to do with the training during the pregnancy. From lifting my baby, to my squats to pick her up, I just feel stronger. I can’t wait to get back!

Training with Eva has been absolutely worth the commitment. Thank you again!

– Sheetal Pritmani


“Eva coached me from my 2nd trimester. She is able to balance the safety of working out while pregnant while still creating a challenge. She consistently checks in to make sure I am comfortable and will make modifications where necessary.”

She is patient and attentive, thoroughly assessing my abilities and crafting a programme to reach my goals. Even though I had to pause my training due to complications, she showed her care by checking in regularly. Will definitely be looking forward to training with her again!

– Stephenie Choy


“Working out with Eva is not only fun and rewarding but I’ve learnt so much about my body as a woman and about the myths that I typically thought were true! Workout is never a chore with her and her enthusiastic yet caring manner.”

Having a back condition also requires that I’m particularly attentive to it, and Eva has managed to guide and coach me by making me more aware of the various muscle groups and particular problem areas! She’s a great trainer, inspiring woman, and definitely the best companion for training even in tough times.

– Carrie Ho


“Eva is an excellent coach! This is our first time doing PT training and we are very lucky to have been paired with Eva. Training with her has been effective and fun at the same time.”

Eva’s training sessions are very well customized – she ensures each session takes us closer to our goals and ensures that the process is suited to our pace. She is very knowledgeable and communicates clearly to ensure that we understand what to look out for in each workout so that we get the most out of our trainings. She’s also a very personable and friendly person which makes it very comfortable to chat with her on fitness and life. Thanks Eva for being a great coach and friend.

– Jermaine & Yi Chen


“I love the fact that she knows my limit and pushes enough but not too much to the point of making me feel uncomfortable. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, she would adjust the exercise straight away.”

Eva is not only a wonderful personal trainer, she is a caring friend too! I started working out with Eva due to some nerve issues affecting my right arm. She listens carefully, stays really attentive during the whole session and always makes sure that I’m safe.  I always look forward to spending time with her. My right arm feels a lot better now (which really improves my day to day) and my body feels so much stronger too! Thanks Eva for being here for me as a trainer and a friend!

– Kim Hoeu


“I highly recommend training with Evadne as she is the most attentive and patient trainer I have ever met!”

I have been training with Evadne for a few months now. I could certainly see a vast improvement in my fitness and stamina. She is very meticulous and she would plan each session according to my current needs and goals. She helps integrate fitness into my life seamlessly in spite of my time constraints and other life commitments.
– Jolin Toh


“Eva was very attentive and I liked that she spent the time to correct posture and gave tips on how to do each workout better.”

The class pacing was good too. What I really loved from Level was the ability to do heavy weights in a small group setting: dead lifts, front squats etc. I enjoyed Eva’s class and will come again!

– Sonia Kurniawan

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