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A former college dance performer, competitive squash player and current pole athlete/ instructor, Farrah utilises strength and conditioning as a key tool for performance optimisation and injury mitigation.

As an accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist, she also uses strength training principles combined with aerobic conditioning to help clients mitigate chronic disease, metabolic syndrome and weight management

Farrah has worked with both clinical & general populations since 2015, both in Australia and Singapore. Clients typically describe her as empowering, dedicated and educational.

Currently pursuing a Master of Gerontology, her goal includes extending safe exercise programming for senior care and healthy ageing.



– Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
– Studio Pilates International Matwork Pilates Instructor
– Federation of International Sports, Aerobic & Fitness (FISAF) Singapore Aerobics & Group Aerobics Instructor
– Federation of International Sports, Aerobic & Fitness (FISAF) Singapore Fitness Leader & Personal Trainer



– Competitive squash player, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
– Dance performer, Anglo Chinese Junior College
– Pole Instructor & Athlete, Singapore & Australia


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“I’m enjoying my new exercise routine, which is helping me stay as healthy as possible for the future. I’m glad I prioritized my health and well-being, ensuring I can live my best life in the years to come.”

Aging comes with its share of aches and pains, and I’ve certainly felt them. Simple activities like getting up and climbing stairs have become more challenging. A big wake-up call was when I realized I could no longer do an Asian squat, which used to be so easy. Determined to improve my health and be more fit, I decided to take action.

At the end of last year, I signed up for Pilates classes and found them incredibly enjoyable. These classes have made me more aware of my posture and movements, encouraging consistent, small, daily changes to train and improve my reflexes. My goal is to build core strength, which I currently lack.

I’ve also been reading about sarcopenia, the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength that comes with aging and immobility, and learned that it can be reversed. This led me to discover the Senior Classes at Level, which seemed promising. I started the classes this year and have no regrets.

I’ve always been intimidated by fitness gyms, with their complex machines and super fit people. I felt shy because I didn’t know how to use the equipment and didn’t want to embarrass myself. However, it turned out to be okay. Farrah, the trainer, is warm, helpful, and a great motivator. While I enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working out at home, having someone at the gym to guide and encourage me has been invaluable. Farrah’s support in perfecting my form and pushing me to lift heavier weights has been especially helpful.

– Magdelene Ng (60 years)

“Training with Farrah has been an incredible experience fueled by energy and enthusiasm.”

I initially struggled with mobility issues and arm difficulties, but Farrah’s focus on helping me regain mobility and build strength, especially considering my low bone density, has been remarkable. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in achieving results in phases, gradually conditioning my body for strength training.

With Farrah’s guidance, I have progressed to lifting heavier weights, which has boosted my confidence and prepared me for the long overseas hikes that I have been planning for this and next year. Her knowledge, motivation, and excellent guidance have been invaluable, keeping me motivated and pushing me towards my goals in a comfortable yet challenging manner.

I like the flexibility of the classes, allowing me to tailor them to my schedule. I am grateful to Farrah for kickstarting my strength journey and providing ongoing guidance to improve both strength and form. Her feedback and follow-ups on my “homework” ensure that each session builds upon the last, pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me stronger with each step.

I particularly like the setup at Level Singapore – it is not overcrowded and the atmosphere is just right for focused workouts. I highly recommend checking out Level for personal training sessions. Thank you, Farrah, for your dedication and support!

– Mary Wong (59 years)

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