John Lee


Personal Trainer, Singapore

John has never let his disability stop him from doing sports such as tennis and rugby when growing up. Although there were times of despair and self-doubt, he manages to overcome them and push forward. He has also gained knowledge and experience after going through the strength and conditioning programs required for the sports. As he went on to do his Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, John became more aware of the importance of exercise cues and techniques.

After discovering his love for weightlifting, John is now pursuing and chasing numbers on the barbell. There are moments where self-doubt creeps up on him during his training, he is constantly pushing himself to overcome these mental barriers and sticks to the end.

Although he’s born without a hand, he’s willing to lend you a helping hand in your fitness journey.



– Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
– ASCA Level 1 (ongoing)


Sporting Achievements

⁃ National Schools Rugby U17 Police Cup 2011 3rd Runner up
⁃ National Schools Rugby U17 Police Cup 2012 2nd Runner up
⁃ Singapore Rugby Development League 2019 Champions
⁃ Singapore Weightlifting Championship 2020 U89 Gold
⁃ Singapore Weightlifting Championship 2021 U89 Silver


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