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A believer in taking life less seriously, Lorne advocates walking the walk before talking the talk.

A student of Ido Portal, Lorne’s training involves moving as efficiently (and elegantly) as possible, using mostly one’s bodyweight.

He incorporates fun into training, while also promoting a balance between work and rest.

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  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach




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Testimonials for Lorne Peart

“Lorne is not just a trainer, he is a fitness master.”

When you train with Lorne, he is teaching a craft of how to stay fit and strong for the rest of one’s life. From a handstand to the multiple variations of of push ups, whether you are looking to bulk up or seeking rehabilitation for any body part, he knows it all. He is sensitive and adapts to how one is feeling on any given day. His intuitive approach is something I have never experienced in the 15 years that I have trained with several personal trainers.

– Sukesh Singh


“Lorne is a tough taskmaster, strict and relentless, yet he adapts the exercise regimen exactly as per my needs.”

Lorne pushes your boundaries with each set, and each rep, and keeps introducing variations of each exercise, and yet somehow I don’t feel overwhelmed. He lets you dictate the pace of every training session. Sessions with him are fun and I always come out of them feeling refreshed and full of energy.

– Sandeep Mathur


“Lorne will make your session always fun and enjoyable while keeping an eye on your goals.”

He brings also an interesting mix of exercises from his own background. It’s never boring or dull with Lorne!

– Muriel Schildvinecht

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